Affordable Cafeteria and Lunchroom Tables

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The cafeteria and lunchroom are among the most visited areas of any school or office. Taking that much-anticipated lunch or afternoon break comes with the yearning for having somewhere comfortable to sit and enjoy a meal or snack.

At School Outlet, you can be sure to get the best cafeteria and lunchroom tables in the market. We not only offer tables with a high quality, versatile design, our selection also comes with competitive pricing.

Functionality Comes Standard

Our various table models are practical enough to suit rooms of just about any size. Weve teamed up with several renowned lunch table brands, including AmTab, Virco, and National Public Seating (NPS) to offer the best variety of tables.

You can find different categories of table types including:

  • Bench style seating
  • Stool style seating
  • Convertible bench tables
  • Mobile tables without seating
  • Cafeteria tables
  • AmTab banquet and hospitality tables

So whether youd like to furnish a lunchroom for younger students or adults, and would like to have a particular number of people at the table, the selection at School Outlet can satisfy your needs. From round to square and rectangular alternatives, you can find just about any table shape.

Moreover, we carry table tops and bases sold separately to furnish the school cafeteria. Choose from mobile table options, too. The AmTab Round Mobile E-Z Tilt Adjustable-Height Caf Tables come with a spring-loaded T-Autolock to ensure the table is securely locked in place.

Customization Options

Choose the size of a table to fit a price thats within your budget. You can even choose mobile tables without seats to use in break rooms. Additionally, you can select from a range of colors to fit the theme of any school cafeteria and brighten up the space. If you prefer stool style seating, you can choose from a built-in stool style and customize the colors of the stools, frame and tabletops.

For instance, with the Virco Bench Style Mobile Cafeteria Tables, you can select the grade level youd like the table to suit (1st grade-Adult). Choose the number of seats youd like (10-16) along with the seat and table height as well as the length and width. Youll also find some alternatives with a sale price.

Ease of Use

One of the most important features of the design of a cafeteria table is its build. To assure a sturdy eating station, the table should have a robust frame. Our foldable tables allow for comfortable mobility and storage.

With these tables, floors can be cleaned easily, too. Cafeteria tables with frames that are easy to glide generally come with potent casters and custom gliders that protect the floors from scratching during movement.

Our Amtab Stool Cafeteria Tables come with such custom gliders and also boast vinyl edge banding that protects the tabletop from chipping and peeling, enhancing its durability. All of the tables at School Outlet can also be cleaned easily and come with a hassle-free setup.

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