Are Stool or Bench Style Cafeteria Tables the Right Choice for You?

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Are Stool or Bench Style Cafeteria Tables the Right Choice for You?The benefit of choosing stool or bench style cafeteria tables is you didnt choose individual tables and individual chairs Do you remember students slipping off their lunchroom chairs and onto the cafeteria floor during your high school days? Well, even if you dont, it can happen when individual tables and chairs are in place And its embarrassing for everyone. Nevertheless, the question remains: Should you choose stool or bench style cafeteria tables for your schools lunchroom?

School Outlet is here to help you find your answer.

The Benefits of Having Stool Style Cafeteria Tables

The biggest difference between stool style and bench style cafeteria tables is the number of seats available. Although bench style cafeteria tables have maximum capacities assigned, its easier to squeeze more people in than it is to fit 2 people on small and individual stools.

If youd like to have a specific number of people at each lunch table in your schools cafeteria, then stool style cafeteria tables may be the best option for you. These tables give each seated person an ample amount of space and create a more organized environment for students and teachers during lunchtime.

Check out School Outlets supply of 8, 12, and 16 capacity stool style lunch tables today. Our tables are available in rectangle and round, and we offer an expansive selection of top colors, edge colors, stool colors, and frame colors. Its easy to mix and match stool style cafeteria tables and create uniformed look in your schools lunchroom.

The Benefits of Having Bench Style Cafeteria Tables

Bench style lunchroom tables have similar capacities to the stool style lunchroom tables offered by School Outlet. For example, our bench style tables are available in capacities of 10, 12, and 16. The main difference between a 16-person stool style cafeteria table and a 16-person bench style cafeteria table is the space each person gets. Bench style cafeteria tables can be roomy, but each person does not get his or her own individual seat to sit on. On the other hand, if 1 extra person needs to squeeze into the seating surrounding a cafeteria table, its easier to do with bench style tables.

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To choose which cafeteria table style is right for your schools lunchroom, you need to look at the specific needs of your school. Take into consideration the layout of the cafeteria, how students socialize over lunch, and make the most logical choice based on your schools circumstances. Then, visit School Outlets virtual school furniture website because we offer a huge selection of stool style and bench style cafeteria tables.

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