Back to School Should Not Mean Back to Sick: Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy

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Back to School Should Not Mean Back to Sick: Tips for Keeping Your Child Healthy

It's that time of year again: back to school season. While many students are ready to have something to do and see their friends again, parents can become a bit apprehensive at this time of year. This is because being back in a classroom also means being exposed to all of those nasty germs again, and with the cooler weather headed our way, kids are more likely to come down with something.

The good news is that there are some preventative measures you can take to decrease the likelihood of your child getting sick. Here are some of the most important ones from us at School Outlet.

Get Flu Shots

Flu shots are one of the best defenses your child will have against a truly nasty and sometimes even dangerous virus. Flu is most likely spread though droplets created when people sneeze, cough or talk, according to the CDC. Since it is relatively easy to come in contact with these germs, being vaccinated is often the best method of prevention.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Remember, even if your child has been vaccinated for flu, there is no cure for the common cold. Buying your child hand sanitizer is a good idea, since they will not always have access to a sink and may be forced to touch something that sees a lot of use. A portable 2 oz. container should do the trick!

Use a Paper Towel to Open Bathroom Doors

This is a simple, but incredibly effective technique that can save your child and your whole family from a nasty bug. Get your child into the habit of using paper towels to open bathroom doors by reminding them when you are out in public (for instance, at a restaurant, grocery store, or mall).

Keep the Desks Clean

Classroom desks and chairs are some of the most common places that you will find germs, especially if kids switch rooms on a daily or hourly basis. Of course, there are janitors whose job it is to clean the school, but they aren't doing this between classes, and even the best of them will miss a spot from time to time. You can include a small pack of sanitary wipes in your child's backpack so that they can clean the desk if it appears dirty or if someone sneezes.

Wash Hands

This is the single most effective way to prevent illnesses. By washing, your child can avoid inadvertently touching their eyes, nose, or mouth after coming in contact with germs, and can also stop the spread of any illnesses to other children.

The best way to ensure that your child is washing their hands properly is to teach them at home, and get them used to always washing up before meals, after sneezing or blowing their nose, and after touching anything dirty. They should be rinsing their hands in clean, running water, applying soap, and then scrubbing thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. After they are done, drying their hands on a clean towel and avoiding touching the door handle is crucial, or all of their work might be immediately undone.

These are just some of the ways to keep your child healthy and happy this school season. What other measures do you take?