Benefits of Having Chair Dollies for Your Classroom Chairs

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A large hall or room can have many functions. Forexample, when vacant it can be used for physical exercise, artistic expressionor to house a large, standing crowd. Fill it with portable desks and chairs andit can be a cafeteria or study area. Fill it with chairs and it can become anauditorium or simply become temporary home to an audience.

Flexibility is Key if You Want to Gainthe Most Use From Your Facility

Naturally, it's best if an educational facility hasseveral rooms that are flexible enough to be used for multiple purposes although that does create one further issue in that chairs and tables have tobe stored elsewhere and then transported to wherever they need to be.

When it comes to chairs, no one wants to be carryingone hundred or more chairs to their destination. Say you suddenly needed onehundred chairs in one of the rooms at the far end of your school. Even if youcould carry up to five chairs in one single trip you would need to make twentytrips or get several people to help out back-breaking work!

That's why its so beneficial for schools andeducation centers to invest in chair dollies. Such dollies provide storage fora number of chairs and of course, allow for much easier transportation thansimply carrying them by hand. When the need for chairs arises, you simply movethe dolly to where the chairs need to be, unload it, then safely store it out ofthe way. When the room is required for a different purpose you just need tore-load the chairs onto the dolly and transport them back from where they camefrom.

Dollies Will Make Your Life Easierif You Have Multipurpose Rooms

Here at School Outlet we can save you and youremployees from a great deal of back-breaking work by offering you chair dolliesfrom some of the best and biggest names in the classroom furniture supplybusiness. For example, the dolly we can provide from NPS (National PublicSeating) will hold chairs from their 700 and 800 series. One single dolly hasthe capacity for thirty-six folding chairs, and the chairs can easily bestacked on top of one another when the chairs are required to be stored ormoved to a different location.

At School Outlet we have several different types ofchair dollies all with different capacities and functions. To find out whichone we feel will be best for your facility, please contact us today. We can bereached by phone at (877) 398-6449 or as an alternative you can contact ususing our onlineform on our web site.