Best Activity Tables for Elementary Tutoring and Study Sessions

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Tutoring and study sessions require simple, stable tables that will let both tutors and students focus on getting their work done. The best tutoring tables are those that have the following features:
  • An easy-to-clean surface for maintenance
  • Are durable enough to last semester after semester
  • Maximize surface area for easy studying
  • And can be supplied in wholesale quantities for large institutions
Lets explore some of the smartest options for activity tables for elementary tutoring and study sessions.


Rectangular Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate: Sturdy and Simple School Furniture

These simple rectangular activity tables are designed for a wide range of uses and environments. You can adjust the height low to the ground so that your elementary students will have an easy time reading, coloring or working on projects together, and more. Alternatively, if you need an extra work surface for a PTA meeting or a fundraiser, you can kick the height up a notch for a more adult reach. The surface is made with a high quality laminate to make sure that youll be able to clean up and spilled glue or marker stains with ease. For added storage space, you can opt to include a:
  • Book box
  • Tote tray
  • Tie plate
to this and any of the models in the 4000 series.


Trapezoid Color Banded Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top

This trapezoidal shaped table is perfect for group activities because when you get a few of these tables, its easy to push them together for students and tutors. It features the same top quality laminated surface that will make life easy for your maintenance teams and janitorial staff to take care of the tables. This is such an important part of being economical with your school furniture budget. The longer your tables last, the better. Versatile tables like these fit the bill perfectly.


Kidney Preschool Activity Table with Heavy Duty Medium Oak Top: Perfect for Tutoring Multiple Students

This activity table is perfect for tutoring because there is a natural place for a tutor to sit and give guidance to multiple elementary school students. This table has a durable T Band edge which guards the table from chips, damage and scratches, but it also guards walls when you are moving the table from classroom to classroom, or out to the gym for special events.


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