Best Charging Carts for Chromebooks and Tablets

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Chromebook Cart

Prepare your chromebook carts for the next lesson. In any classroom, you need furniture and equipment that help to create an efficient and functional workspace. With technology, you need to be able to keep up with technological demands in an efficient and functional way.

This is why charging carts are necessary for the classroom. You need a safe place to charge chromebooks that can be kept secure and provide easy portability in addition to other benefits. Lets take a look at the many benefits a charging cart provides, why you need one for your classroom and which one you should choose.


One of the essential qualities of a charging cart is its portability. Beyond the many benefits a charging cart provides, you want a charging cart that can be wheeled around.

Our charging carts have special wheel casters. However, two casters can be locked to help provide stability. The weight of each charging cart is equally distributed to add to this stability and prevent tipping.

A 10-foot cord helps to wheel the charging cart around and place it in virtually any desired location. This also helps to easily collect devices from around the classroom as you wheel it and collect each one.


You want to be able to protect your classrooms devices from damage while theyre charging. While the exterior of each charging cart is framed in steel, you want a charging cart with adequate padding in the interior to allow each device to stand sideways in a safe manner.

Each charging cart comes with rubber dividers that help to keep each device equally spaced to allow for optimal organization. They also provide a safe way to store devices without the risk of damage.

Easy Storage Capacity

Despite the space afforded between each device, each charging cart can hold a decent amount of devices without taking up a large amount of space within the classroom. For storage of up to 18 devices, you can choose a charging cart that is roughly two feet in length and width.

The height of this charging cart is 40 inches high, which allows for storage under cabinets and other areas easily and efficiently. You can charge a greater amount of devices with other charging carts: 24, 32 and 42 devices.


Each charging cart is made with sturdy steel. Stainless steel helps keep the devices safe from damage and moisture.

Perforated holes on all four sides allow for ventilation, which can reduce internal moisture. This also helps to reduce the amount of bacteria and other substances from growing within each charging cart to keep devices more hygienic.


Another feature you want for your charging cart is the ability to lock up the devices when they are not in use and while charging. This can help prevent theft, but it can prevent unauthorized usage too.

You can choose the right charging cart by considering how many bays you need for charging the devices in your classroom in addition to considering the types of devices you need. For example, this charging cart can charge iPads, tablets, laptops, chromebooks and more.

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