Best Crib Options for Pre-Schools and Early Childhood Nurseries

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The only time a child between 0 and 24 months old might be left unattended is when he or she sleeps. It is usual for children within this age range to sleep in cribs, whether they are resting at home or being cared for in a childcare facility. Today, parents and caretakers have a large selection of crib styles to choose from, in addition to numerous crib features and accessories.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Crib for a Childcare Setting

Safety should always be the #1 concern when shopping for an appropriate crib to reside within a pre-school or early childhood nursery environment; however, there are a number of factors to consider before securing the purchase of a crib.


Determine how much money you would like to spend, or are allowed to spend, on a crib. Cheaper crib models are generally $100, while top-quality cribs can easily be $1,000 or more.


If you think a crib with moving capability is the best option for your facility, then you might want to consider purchasing a portable crib. Foldable/portable cribs are a great option for locations short on space and they allow caretakers and teachers to move the cribs from room to room while maintaining a watchful eye at all times.


One should consider the amount of space available for a crib before making a purchase. Measure the area in which you plan to put the crib and keep in mind the amount of space available will limit the crib options you have to choose from.

Crib Features

Teething rails on cribs come in handy when a baby is teething, because oftentimes a teething baby will chew on a cribs rails. Without teething rails, this occurrence might result in a mouthful of wood splinters or paint. Teething rails are a covering that protects a child from eating small pieces of wood or paint.

When considering specific crib features, one should always study the distance between a cribs slats. The spaces between crib slats should never exceed 2 3/8 inches.

Variety of Crib Styles

A standard baby crib is simple and sturdy, and is typically equipped with 4 fixed sides and slats. Other popular crib styles include: foldable cribs, wood frame cribs, steel frame cribs, and playards.

1. Fixed Side Cribs

L.A. Baby Original Folding Cribthis particular crib is an institutional quality portable crib made of metal and features a white powder coat finish to minimize scratches. The L.A. Baby Original Folding Crib is perfect for daycare centers and preschools because it arrives at customers doors fully assembled and folds away for easy storage.

2. Wood Frame Cribs

When it comes to wood frame cribs, the L.A. Baby Arched Window Evacuation Crib with Dual Fixed Side Rails is a great option for nurseries and preschools. Customers can choose to add a storage drawer and evacuation frame if they choose. This crib features stylish arched ends and a low profile for easy access.

3. Play Yards

School Outlet supplies L.A. Baby Commercial Play Yards, which feature a metal frame that is extremely easy to set up. This crib has 4 full view mesh windows, which make it easy for any child inside to be easily observed by caretakers.

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