Best Student Chairs 2023

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What brands and products should you consider for 2023 purchases? We go into some of the reliable styles that can nurture learning. Different ergonomic options accommodate students regarding their comfort or focus. You can conform to more than just one class with a straight back or legs that stack easily.

Standard Seating

The Virco 9000 series is our top recommendation for standard school chairs. Multiple color options pair with long-lasting plastic and stainless steel legs and back support. The Virco 9000 chairs also have a fitting guide to match students with their growth percentiles. Whats more, they have a ten years manufacturers warranty.

The Virco 9018 School Chair for Classrooms 5th Grade to University is perfect when you have a large student body with multiple grading levels. Twelve color options will allow you to match any color palette and store them in compact spaces after use.

Contour Chairs

Contour chairs have curved back support to improve student posture and comfort. Such chair features can reduce back strain over time for classes that last more than several hours or host long exams. If your school has standardized testing such as SATS, contour options can improve the students performance and college applications in the long run.

Factory Direct Partners (FDP) is a reputable brand with this seating style. FDP Contour Chairs have a nice molded back seating with stainless steel. They encourage the users to sit up straight and not slouch or lean back during class or after-school activities. We like the color options and how they encourage good posture, and the self-leveling glides that can stabilize the stairs on uneven surfaces.

Rocking Chairs

Do you have students that need help with focus and stimulation? Rocking chairs can help kids release nervous energy and teenagers when handling challenging coursework. Paired with stimulation toys and meditation, they can assist students that have plenty of energy and few outlets to handle them during regular school hours. Unlike traditional rocking chairs, which often squeak loudly during use, these designs reduce any potential interruptions from movement.

The Vircos Analogy Series Rocker School Chairs provide a healthy outlet for unwanted movement and fidgeting. They also encourage students to incentivize better posture. Each chair has subtle rocking structures that will not distract other students during use.

Help Students Handle Long Hours And Harder Classwork With Chairs From School Outlet

School Outlet is one of the top sources for different school chairs, from office furniture for administration to task chair options for computer labs. We are more than ready to recommend which brands have the ergonomics and weight capacity to accommodate your students and teachers.

Please reach out to us today to view more top picks and see what a 2023 chair offers. School Outlet will answer your questions about whether you need adjustable armrests or tilt tension.