Best Teacher's Chairs for Your Classroom

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As a teacher, you probably spend a lot of a time onyour feet. When you do get to sit down, it's important that you have a chairthat's comfortable and that will not cause problems with your back.

If you're responsible at an educational facility foryour teachers' comfort, then you need to find the best and most reliable chairsavailable within your budget.

Here well look at a few of the best teacher's chairsfor your classroom that we can provide for you from School Outlet.

A Wide Range of Excellent Teacher's Chairs Manufacturedby Virco

The N2 Series

Combining comfort and cost-effectiveness, the N2Series
is ideal if you are interested in purchasing reliablechairs for your teachers. The chairs are covered by a ten-year warranty and areconstructed using a tubular steel frame with an attractive chrome finish. Youcan make your own selection from the twelve available seat colors, and thesmaller version of this model is suitable for students too.

The PhD Series

If comfort is at a premium and you have the budget,then you might like to consider the PhDSeries
from Virco. These unique teacher's chairs have beendesigned by California-based designer Richard Holbrook, a graduate from theprestigious Art Center College of Design in 1981. His design matches sleeknesswith sturdiness, and the PhD Series is ideal for use in classrooms, computerlaboratories and for other, similar functions.

The 4300 Series

When it comes to a teacher's chair it's important thatflexibility has been taken care of, as not all teachers are built the same. The
4300Series chair comes with a fully-adjustable andpneumatically-supported seat height plus manual back-depth adjustment. Thesechairs are also padded and upholstered for heightened levels of comfort.Available in four different fabric colors, this chair is also suitable for usein libraries and technology laboratories.

The Analogy series

Many times, a teacher's chair is not just simplyrequired to be hidden behind a desk all day it may be needed elsewhere in theclassroom to attend to an individual student's needs. This chair is mounted ondual-wheel casters for simple ease-of-movement and has an adjustable seatheight to suit both teachers and students alike. Available in a range of colorsand with a ten-year warranty, the
AnalogySeries is a superb addition to any learning environment.

The IQ Series

You may think that a chair is a chair is a chair, butcontemporary chair designs are quite different compared to chairs from say,fifty years ago, thanks to ergonomic designs and better understanding about thehuman body. Take a look at the IQSerieswhich has a unique, flexible design that providesoutstanding lumbar support. The seat is fully adjustable and it's the idealchair as far as comfort is concerned for both teachers and students alike.

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