CarePlay Grid Blocks For Sale at Wholesale Prices

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Playtime is an important part of any preschool setup. This is because active play is so important for the developmental health of both the body and mind of the preschoolers. No daycare center or preschool would be complete without grid blocks to play on. However, after working with a number of preschool and daycare centers all across America, we have observed certain key priorities that education professionals ask us to help them resolve time and time again.

For one thing, like many education professionals, daycare and preschool administrators and organizers are often working within a budget constraints of one kind or another. You want the blocks to be able to handle a little bit of rough and tumble play from your kids. You also want to make sure they are easy to wipe clean for sanitary reasons. Thats why School Outlet offer a selection of grid blocks for play at wholesale prices. Lets take a look at a few popular options that often serve people well.

Bright, Fun Preschool Play Blocks: CarePlay Grid Blocks - 16 Piece

CarePlay Grid Blocks are a really fun way for kids to express their creativity and practice some spatial cognition practice that will become useful should they want to become engineers or construction workers in the future. These molded, waterproof blocks are easy to clean with a quick wipe down. The set of 16 pieces includes four triangles, six squares and six squares with holes, from which the limits are only imagination when it comes to how they can be combined.

Big Sets for Larger Classrooms: CarePlay Grid Blocks - 32 Pieces

Sometimes you have a large classroom of students and you need a bigger set of Careplay blocks then the one offered above. This set offers many of the similar features as the last one, but with even more play materials, and therefore options as to what your students build and how they use them. This is a must-have if you have a considerable number of students, or just want to expand the options for the blocks you have.

Take a look at the basic features of these blocks below:

Material: Molded plastic

Warranty: 10 years

Includes: Eight triangles, 12 squares and 12 squares with holes

Weight: 25.0 lbs.

Shipping Method: UPS

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