Cheap School Chairs: A Chair is Just a Chair?

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Cheap School Chairs: A Chair is Just a Chair?

You may walk into a classroom and notice many things: the vibrant colors, the inspirational posters, and the impeccable organization. But did you ever notice the chairs? Surprisingly, the color and style of chairs in a classroom tells a lot more than you might think. Studies have shown that color can affect your mood and your motivation. Comfort, of course, has a say in these as well. If you take a look at the chairs in a classroom, you can learn a lot about the kind of work and progress that goes on in that room.

Blue is a common classroom chair color, and is known to create a mood of peace and relaxation. This makes these chairs a particularly good choice for younger students, who need to stay calm and feel comfortable in their environment in order to be productive. Blue can also stand for professionalism, and encourage students to work towards a higher standard than they might otherwise try for. However, certain shades of blue are thought to be so soothing and relaxing that they may cause students to get tired or bored. Therefore, it is wise to choose a bright blue that pops, especially for the younger, more restless students.

A less common and more innovative classroom chair color is orange. Orange is thought to stand for enthusiasm, creativity, and happiness. Classrooms with orange chairs invite students to take risks in their learning. They promote a learning environment of problem solving, imagination, and joy. Teachers and administrators should take this into consideration when determining chair colors to purchase.

Rather than choosing just one, mixing a variety of chair colors can invite a diversity of feelings and moods into a classroom. As we know, not all learning personalities are alike. Therefore, mixing and matching chair colors can suggest that all students are welcome and encouraged to learn in that different color chairs. A common combination of colors is red for students who are passionate and excited, blue for students who are professional and calm, green for students who are optimistic and enjoy learning through nature, and yellow for those who are lively and excitable.

Another innovative way that educators can mix and match their colors is with a customizable chair that we sell here at School Outlet!Mahar Creative Color Mix chairs are a favorite among teachers who strive for color, and thus learning, diversity in their classrooms. For example, choosing a fuchsia frame to create a nurturing environment and a purple seat and back for sophistication could encourage success in your students! The possibilities are endless, and the potential for classroom improvement is great.

There have been many studies on the meaning of color and its effect on mood, and there is more to it than meets the eye. Why not furnish your classroom to match the kind of learning and success that you hope to see? Check out our inventory at for even more seating options!