Choosing Between Rectangle, Round, Trapezoidal or Horseshoe Shaped Activity Tables

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What activity tables are used for is usually fun, so why shouldn't activity tables be fun too? School Outlet supplies activity tables in every shape, size, and color, which means picking out the activity tables for your classroom and school can be just as fun as the activities you plan to use the tables for. Here is how you can decide which table shape is best for your classroom:

Rectangle Activity Tables

When it comes to activity tables, the rectangle is synonymous with versatility. Many activity tables can be used for a variety of different types of activities, but rectangle activity tables can accommodate numerous students and activity tables more than any other activity table shape.

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Round Activity Tables

Sans corners, what can a round activity table be used for in the classroom? Round activity tables are arguably more communal than any other table shape. Depending on the size of the tabletop, a round activity table can fit anywhere between 4 and 10 students maybe even more.

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Trapezoidal Activity Tables

What on earth are trapezoidal-shaped activity tables used for? The shape is ideal for a makeshift teacher's desk, but what kind of activities can be performed on a trapezoid? Trapezoidal-shaped activity tables are ideal for demonstrating activities. Teachers can use these tables to show students what to do for particular activities.

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Horseshoe-Shaped Activity Tables

When activities require a teacher's full attention and participation, the best activity table shape is inarguably the horseshoe. This table shape provides a space for the teacher, or whoever is demonstrating an activity, and ample room for a number of students. The students can easily observe what the teacher is demonstrating and the teacher can access each student easily to assist with the activities once the students begin working.

Which Table Shape is Right For Your Classroom?

The shape you choose for your classroom's activity tables depends fully on the activities you plan on completing. If activities in your classroom are collaborative and consist of large groups, then a rectangle or round activity table is probably the choice for you. If a teacher needs to demonstrate activities frequently, then a horseshoe activity table is most likely the best option.

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