Choosing Preschool Tables the Smart Way

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Choosing Preschool Tables the Smart Way

The types of tables and chairs in preschools are something that is often overlooked. Preschoolers, adorable as they may be, need proper seating too. Seating and tables that are not well-suited to preschoolers can cause the little tykes to be uncomfortable, restless, and make it difficult for them to focus on lessons and activities. Tables that are too high can be frustrating to work on, while ones that are too low can lead to horrible posture; the same applies to chairs.

The shape and size of the tables and chairs are not the only issue and one must also take hygiene and sanitation into consideration when buying preschool equipment. Have you ever witnessed a cold or nasty virus make the rounds in a classroom, passing from student to student to teacher to student? Chances are that the seating and tables that everyone is coming into contact with are responsible for housing these germs. Far too many teachers and helpers see the furniture as a minimal detail; however, many popular types of preschool chairs can be incredible magnets for germs and viruses.

Plush chairs, couches, mats, and beanbags--although more comfortable--can house lice, fleas, dirt, or mites that children bring in with them. Chairs made of fabric can also soak in stains from bathroom accidents and snack spills, providing a rather nasty breeding ground for bacteria, allergens, and mold. These sorts of chairs are also harder to clean properly. Plastic chairs, on the other hand, can be equally prone to harboring germs if they are poorly designed. Many plastic preschool tables and chairs have a porous, or "bumpy," surface with crevices that food, germs, and dirt can get trapped inside. This also applies to tables with compartments for storing supplies and toys. These surfaces simply cannot be cleaned properly and should be avoided when making purchases.

We believe that smooth plastic is the best choice in material when choosing preschool tables and chairs. Many teachers and helpers are surprised to learn that some plastic seating brands are even made of material that has antimicrobial properties that can prevent, or at least decrease, the spread of germs. At School Outlet, you can find the right seating for your preschool classroom with ease. With fewer sniffles and happier, more comfortable pupils, you will be glad that you did!