Choosing the Best Science or Lab Classroom Chemical Resistant Tabletop Material

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Choosing the Best Science or Lab Classroom Chemical Resistant Tabletop MaterialIn science classrooms throughout the country, science experiments are taking place at varying degrees of complexity and potential danger. For example, in elementary school science classrooms, experiments are generally low-risk and simple, like dissecting crayfish or making goo. But, in high school and college science classrooms and labs, science experiments are kicked up a notch and students handle more complex creatures and more dangerous chemicals and substances. For every degree of complexity and potential danger that takes place in science classrooms across the nation, science tables exist. The most preferred science lab tabletop is Epoxy Resin; however, Plastic Laminate, Phenolic Resin, and ChemGuard or Chem-Res Laminate are reasonable alternatives.

The Countertop You Choose Depends on the Setting

To figure out which tabletop is right for your science classrooms tables, you must first determine what kind of experiments will be conducted in the room. For example, the go-to science tabletop material for elementary school science classrooms is Plastic Laminate, because it is durable and scratch-resistant, but it is not manufactured to withstand harsh chemicals or high temperatures; however, these particular features are typically unnecessary in elementary school science classrooms. The next step up is ChemGuard and Chem-Res Laminate. These tabletops are capable of resisting common chemicals, but they cannot resist harsh chemicals or high temperatures. ChemGuard and Chem-Res Laminate tabletops are recommended for middle-grade science classrooms. For classrooms where harsh chemicals will definitely be used, there are 2 countertop choices: Phenolic Resin and Epoxy Resin. Both options are extremely chemical and moisture resistant, but they are different. Here are a few features of Phenolic Resin and Epoxy Resin science tabletops:

Phenolic Resin:
  • Can withstand low temperatures, can be used with dry ice
  • Lightweight, inexpensive to ship
  • Cannot withstand high temperatures

Epoxy Resin:
  • Can withstand high temperatures
  • Heavy, expensive to ship
  • Cannot withstand low temperatures, can crack when exposed to low temperatures

Consider Your Classrooms Environment and Choose Your Tables

To choose the correct tabletops for your science classrooms tables, you need to determine what kind of experiments will take place in the classroom. Then, choosing the tables right for your classroom is easy. Basically, if dry ice is on the agenda, then Phenolic Resin is the best choice for you. Otherwise, if any harsh chemicals are going to be used, then Epoxy Resin is the absolute best option. Plus, Epoxy Resin is scientists top choice.

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