Classroom Furniture Delivered Right to Your Door

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Any time that you buy classroom furniture, youre making an investment for your school and the children that you teach. No matter what age of children your classroom may accommodate, classroom furniture must be durable and practical. At School Outlet, we can deliver the classroom furniture youve been searching for right to your door. Looking for something fast? Some of our classroom furniture can even ship the same day its ordered.

Classroom Seating Furniture

School Outlet offers a variety of seating options for everyone. Seating in the classroom is an important component during school hours and must fit your needs appropriately. From teachers chairs to lab stools for science class, School Outlet offers a variety of seating products that are ideal for any classroom. Our most popular chair is the
Virco 9000 Series. This chair appeals to many classrooms across the country as it is both affordable and durable. With three slots in the back and plastic that prevents static, the comfort of this chair is ideal in a classroom setting. It also has nylon glides on the bottom of each leg which will help to prevent any damage even when its shifted around. This chair can be shipped out the same day you order it and be delivered right to your door.

Classroom Desk Furniture

No matter how old you may be, there is something special about a desk. Depending on the style and needs of your classroom, desks can come in all different shapes and sizes. School Outlet offers teacher desks, desks with open fronts, desks with chairs connected to them, desks that have the ability to connect together and so much more. Whatever your needs are, School Outlet can fulfill them. Our most popular desk for the classroom is our
Virco 785 School Desk. The top of the desk is made with a laminated particle board top, known to last for years, and a plastic book box, allowing students to keep their own belongings with them while reducing rattling and noise. If you order before 2pm EST, we can easily ship it on the same business day.

Wide Array of Tables for Your Classroom

As the use of tables and group activities become increasingly popular in schools, we have found it useful to offer all different types of tables, including adjustable stand up tables for our modern day teachers and students. From folding tables to preschool activity tables, we love being able to offer tables for classrooms of all age groups. Tables come in all different shapes and sizes. We have standard round and rectangle tables for multi-purpose use as well as horseshoe and even flower shaped tables for a more organic atmosphere. Our tables come in all different heights and sizes, depending on your classroom needs. One of our most affordable tables happens to be a rectangular activity table. This table is steady, durable and made to handle a number of classroom activities. It is a popular choice as its heavy-duty laminate top makes it very easy to clean and will last for many years. To find this particular table, visit the following link,
Rectangular Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top.

No matter what type of classroom furniture you need, you can find what you are looking for at School Outlet and it will be delivered right to your door. Take the stress out of classroom furniture shopping and order online today or call (877) 398-6449.