Classroom Furniture Ideas Students And Teachers Will Love

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School Outlets focal point is to enrich all learning environments through classroom furniture. We offer an array of classroom pieces. They include preschool furniture, coffee tables, kids chairs, students desks, high chairs and more to facilitate classroom management. Choosing the right furniture for your school can be a tedious task, this is why we have created a list of ideas to assist you in your interior design venture.

Classroom Chairs

Virco ZROCK15 - Zuma 15" Rocker

Both teachers and students will appreciate the Zuma 15 Rocker as a valuable addition to the classroom. The Zuma chair is a special chair because it is a hybrid, it works as a chair and a rocker in one. Consider the benefit of utilizing this chair as a rocker; children can burn off the extra energy that they tend to have.

Often children are unable to concentrate because they are restless or uneasy. By being physically active in minimal rocking movements they will be able to concentrate more fully in the classroom activities.

Virco ZFLROCK18 - ZUMA Series Floor Rocker

This floor rocker is a great ergonomic alternative for floor seating. Sitting on the floor can cause severe back pain. With this Zuma rocker that would no longer be a problem for students nor teachers.

The flexible backrest and wide spacious seat offer the support you need to be comfortable whilst sitting on the floor. This floor rocker is apt for preschool or daycare but also suitable for college students in dynamic classroom environments. The movement that this floor rocker encourages is beneficial to your health and prolongs concentration duration.

IQ Series Mobile Lab Stool With Chrome Footring And Black Base/Wheels

This chair is a Virco model 266017GCLS Lab stool. The adjustable seat height makes it ideal for science class where students must do experiments on high lab tables. It features a contoured shell that provides comfort and added support.

The chair is made of high-quality durable materials that wont chip or break as vintage furniture sometimes does. It comes with a foot ring for students to rest their feet on if they cant reach the floor due to the height. The wheels allow mobility in case the chairs need to be moved around.

Classroom Desks For Students And Teachers

Zuma Student Desk, Trapezoid Top For 6-Desk Groupings, Book Basket

This student desk can be grouped together along with the same model desks due to its trapezoid shape. It can also be used individually and set up in rows for when students must take tests. The basket beneath it allows students to put their classroom materials such as textbooks, notebooks, and writing utensils.

Having this accessibility to their scholarly items advances the classroom and keeps the students focused, as opposed to having their materials in their lockers which means they must leave the classroom to acquire. This can easily interrupt the classroom flow and may distract other students.

Double Student Desk, Dual Open Front Book Boxes Unitized Steel Frame

Double students desks permit students to collaborate and develop team group mentality. The desks optimize classroom space and allow teachers to refer to two students at a time for specific instructions during after school tutoring. These double student desks are great for science class because there is enough room to share microscopes and table lamp in the case students might need to dissect or examine bacteria in a petri dish.

Choose School Outlet For High-Quality Classroom Furniture

School Outlet is dedicated to meet all your classroom furniture needs, from preschool chairs to middle school desks. We understand these resources make learning possible and fruitful.

If you would like some assistance in choosing a specific desk or chair please contact us and our friendly staff will point you in the right direction. A good sitting position can make all the difference for your students.