Classroom Tables with Purpose

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Classroom Tables with Purpose

Classroom tables are there for very utilitarian purposes and should reflect that, unlike household furniture that is usually chosen at least in part for its decorative properties. When surrounded by objects that remind them of their purpose, students are more equipped and motivated to concentrate on the task at hand and succeed at it.

Consider the following factors in your selection of tables that are geared toward learning and achievement:

Age Appropriate Learning Tables

A group of preschoolers have different needs than high school students when it comes to classroom tables. Knowing the difference can give you a head start on what type of features will work for a particular task. Table tops with rounded edges are safer for young ones, plus low legs will allow more comfort for smaller students.

Importance of Science Lab Tables

Science lab classroom tables should be designed for working with a variety of chemicals. Table tops that are scratch and chemical resistant guarantee longevity. Look to steel or solid wood for dependability, and always use a rubber mat or boots on table legs for sturdiness. Microscopes and other science equipment will work best on a level surface, and many tables have a manual or self-adjusting mechanism.

Computer Tables

Ergonomics is a term that is often used when looking for tables and chairs for computer equipment. Sitting at a classroom computer table for hours in an unnatural position can place strain on muscles and nerves. Tables that are adjustable, sturdy, and placed at the proper height can help students avoid having to hunt for the right angle, as well as eye strain.

There are many types of classroom tables that can aid a student in performing tasks to the best of their ability. Drafting tables that have adjustable tops and convenient drawers or Art/CAD tables with arms for flat screen computers and truss bars for non-tip solutions will keep students from worrying about having a steady, durable surface for work. The purpose of the furniture should be the main focus when selecting the right classroom tables. Height, width, and length are important factors for different age groups and curriculums, but never forget about other factors, as well. A smooth aesthetic appearance and sturdiness will keep students better focused on studies, as well.