Cut Costs on Classroom Creations

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Cut Costs on Classroom Creations

One of the most daunting tasks for any teacher is the task of decorating their classroom for the school year. Most teachers feel pressured to impress their students and to keep them interested and eager to learn through the energy and visual interest within the classroom. A fun room is necessary to stimulating learning and keeping students excited about school. Decorating a room, however, is easier said than done. Creating a dynamic, exciting environment can be costly and time consuming. Fortunately, there are wonderful establishes like that offer quality classroom essentials at affordable prices.

Not only are cost-efficient, reliable classroom items available at, but weve also gathered the top 4 ways to bring lively, fun dcor to any classroom without breaking the bank

1 Pick a simple theme: Choosing a theme is a great place to start when beginning your decorating process. Theres no greater way to get organized and stay on task than by selecting an overall theme or idea for the classroom. The trick, though, is to keep the theme simple. Color themes are a great way to add thematic organization and fun to a classroom without blowing your budget. A fun, creative room filled with blues and oranges is just as interesting as a room decorated head to toe with Hollywood themed objects, or Disney, or the ocean, etc.

2 Printers are your best friend: Printing out elements for the classroom such as signs, borders, name tags, labels and other decorative material will save not only time but loads of money. Theres no need to spend hundreds at a printing store or Party Land when you can create your own signage right from home!

3 Utilize items you already have: Never underestimate what you may already have on hand. Look around your house or even a friends (ask first, of course) for essentials like tape, glue, scissors, baskets, construction paper, etc. Also, utilize items you may have laying around or stored away that you make have forgotten about, like old stickers, posters, cool pictures, wall paper or wrapping paper.

4 Think outside the box: Theres no greater tool to decorating on a budget than using your own imagination! Get creative with DIY ideas; scour the internet, magazines or online forums such as Pinterest. Use unexpected items for creative projects like stamps, newspaper cut outs, paper mache, old crayons, spray paint or old tissue boxes. Make a crayon wreath, or wall decals made out of magazine or newspaper clippings. Try making school supply holders or storage units with old tissue boxes or flower vases.

The sky's the limit (and your wallet is thankful) the more creative risks youre willing to take!