Deciding When Its Time to Purchase New Classroom Chairs and Desks

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Whatever the reason, there comes a time when all school furniture must be replaced. Whether the furniture is broken, out-of-date, or not serving the purpose desired, how can one know when it is the right time to make a rewarding furniture purchase?

If the Furniture is Broken, Can it be Repaired?

When school furniture breaks, it doesnt always mean the end. If it is possible to quickly and easily repair a piece of furniture, why get rid of it?

If you have a school desk or chair that breaks, assess the damage. If it is beyond repair and there is not a suitable replacement on hand, then consider replacing it.

When to Replace Worn Out Furniture

At some point in time it becomes obvious when school furniture must be replaced. For example, if the seat of a school chair wears through and there is nothing left to support a student sitting in the chair, it should be replaced. But if a chair or desk is merely faded in color, it might not be time to throw in the towel just yet.

If you have worn out school furniture and think it might be time to replace it, first determine if the worn out furniture is dangerous. Also decide if the furniture continues to serve the purpose it was meant to serve.

If a school chair or desk is still useful, it shouldnt hurt to hang onto for a little bit longer.

What to do Outdated Furniture

Schools are always changingnew students, new teachers, new equipment, and new furniture. Most schools undergo a renovation at some point and acquire brand new, updated furniture to replace old, outdated furniture.

If your school has outdated school furniture and could use replacement desks and chairs, consider the schools budget and necessity for new furniture first. If new furniture is sorely needed and the school can afford to purchase it, then why not purchase it? However, if the need for new furniture is not dire, why not spend the money on a more rewarding purchase?

What to Consider When Buying School Furniture

When you decide its time to purchase new school furniture keep the following furniture qualities in mind:

Mobility and Function: It is helpful to buy furniture with more than one purpose. For example, rectangular tables can be arranged in rows for individual learning or grouped together for workshop style classes.

Size: Be sure to purchase furniture that properly fits students in the particular classroom in question.

Longevity: To avoid the costs of repair and replacement, buy high quality school furniture that will last a long time. Such furniture is generally made with welded tubular steel frames and polypropylene or polyethylene seats.

Desks should be made from high-pressure laminate or plastic, and it is smart to purchase desks that resist scratches and ink.

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