Discounted Standing Desks For Classrooms and Office Workstations

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Its no news that standing while you work is becoming a thing in the modern day office. As people begin to realize the benefits of standing while you work as opposed to sitting all day, standing desks are popping up in offices around the world. Its not only offices that are embracing the use of standing desks but classrooms are also getting in on the action and we are here for it.


There are numerous health benefits associated with standing desks, some of which include better blood circulation, and posture. They can be a great tool to increase your health, as well as productivity, and collaboration at work.


Now that you are aware of the many advantages that standing desks bring, let School Outlet guide your purchase. Here are five standing desks that are sure to boost your productivity at work and in the classroom.




The Single Column Stand Up Desk enables healthy and productive working at a low cost. Maneuverability combined with a spacious surface allows you to keep efficiency at an all-time high. A sturdy, single column conserves space while the central crank enables you to move from sit to stand without moving from the front of your desk.


Mobile 3 Shelf Adjustable Stand Up Workstation


Workplaces in need of tools that will enhance collaboration, increase creativity, and improve employee health need to look no further than the Three-shelf Adjustable Stand Up Workstation. This compact standing desk fits into any environment, and its four rolling casters, two with locking brakes, make both mobility and stability simple. With a wide spectrum of height options (34.5-45.5″ in 1″ increments) and a keyboard shelf on a rolling track, this standing workstation can meet a wide variety of needs.


Luxor Student Desk


Students increasingly require physical outlets as academic pressure rises, physical activity decreases, and attention spans wane. Schools are turning to standing desks as numerous studies have shown their extensive benefits in aiding student engagement and improving mental & physical health.


Luxors new student desks adjust height with a pneumatic pedal to easily alter between sitting and standing for a personalized environment. The tabletop includesplaceholders for pencils and a water bottle, and four casters aid student collaboration and classroom flexibility. Help your students stand their way to success!


Level Up 32 ProStanding Desk Converter

  Convert your existing desk into a standing desk with the affordable Level Up Pro 32 from Luxor. This standing desk converters ergonomic two-tier design offers a spacious 32-inch wide top shelf for single or dual-monitors and a second shelf for a keyboard and mouse. With zero assembly required, users can simply place the desktop converter on any surface and enjoy the flexibility of sitting or standing throughout the workday. 

Luxor Flip Tables For ClassroomsLUX STAND


Luxors new flip top table is a multipurpose standing desk thats perfect for schools, training rooms, or general office use. The convenient crank handle adjusts the table height from 30″ to 42.25″ to accommodate a range of seated or standing users, while 3″ locking casters allow easy mobility.


Adding to its versatility, each table can be neatly folded for space-saving storage using two pull-handles that flip the table into a nesting position. Choose Luxors 72″ mobile flipper table to create a professional and ergonomic work space.


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School Outlet sells a number of stand-up tables that will fit well within your budget. Stand up tables offer the ability to work while standing up, or often adjust so you can work while sitting down promoting a healthy working environment. For more information about stand-up desks for teachers and students or to order your new desk today, feel free to visit School Outlet online or contact us via our online form.