Dramatic Play Props: 3 Options For Preschool Classrooms

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Boys and girls of all ages enjoy playing with their friends as much as possible. Dramatic play props are the ideal additions to any preschool classroom. Have your kids running around in pure joy with these three options. When it comes to having kids join together to have a good time it might be a challenge to find the right play props multiple kids are able to use together. A fundamental aspect of growing up is becoming a team play in order to communicate with others wisely and have long-lasting relationships. These three dramatic play props will be sure to bring all the participating kids together for some simply fun!

  1. ECR4Kids Happy Caterpillar
  2. ECR4Kids Happy Caterpillar

    The Happy Caterpillar allows the little ones to climb and crawl throughout the structure and interact with each other. Bright purple surrounds the caterpillar and the bright multi colored feet lure the children in to have a joyful time with each other.

  3. ECR4Kids Puppet Theater Flannel Includes Stage Curtain

  4. ECR4Kids Puppet Theater Flannel Includes Stage Curtain

    Most kids have a dream of become a star and what better way to let them explore their talents than the Puppet Theater stage. You will have the whole preschool class jumping to be a part of play! The kids will have full lead on the character they would like to be and the setting of the story. This dramatic play prop allows for continued creativity in your classroom.

  5. ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score

  6. ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score

    If you can make every game bigger and better that would be a child's dream. Consider this Jumbo 4-To- Score classic ring game! The kids will have big pieces to play with and it will avoid having safety hazards as well. Teamwork and cooperation will flourish with this jumbo game due to kids being able to play in teams to defeat the opponent!

Ready to pick out some Dramatic Play Props for your classroom?

You will find a variety of dramatic play here at school outlet. You can choose from an assortment of categories to suit your preschool needs. Our dramatic play props are made with children and made, therefore they are non-flammable, easy to clean and assemble. The materials used to make our products are non-toxic in case the little ones want to take a bite of the pieces. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us toll- free at (877)- 398-6449.