Essential ECR4Kids Preschool Furniture

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For many 3 to 5 year old children, preschool is the first time they are away from parents or familiar caretakers for an extended period of time.

In preschools throughout America, there are particular furniture pieces necessary to provide the perfect learning environment for kids ages 3, 4, and 5. And many of the essential preschool furniture found in such settings is manufactured by ECR4Kids.

School Outlet is a proud supplier of ECR4Kids school furniture. Weve created a list of must-have ECR4Kids furniture that every preschool in America would find significant.

ECR4Kids Activity Tables

Many preschools do not utilize individual desks. Instead they have tables suitable for small groups, in which children can sit or stand around.

School Outlet supplies a number of ECR4Kids activity tables in a variety of sizes and shapes. For instance, we sell ECR4Kids Trapezoid Activity Table, which features a heavy-duty laminate counter top. The table is 18-inches wide and 30-inches long. And purchasers can choose between a table with an adjustable height of 22 to 30-inches or 17 to 25-inches.

We also supply hardwood round and rectangular tables. Buyers can choose from a multitude of size and height options when shopping these particular products. The ECR4Kids Hardwood Round Table is available in 18 or 22-inch table heights. The Hardwood Rectangular Table is supplied in multiple table heights and dimensions, including: 24 or 30 x 36 or 48.

ECR4Kids Kids Coat Lockers

Some of the most memorable moments for preschoolers include what their backpacks, jackets, and shoes looked like stored within their personal cubbies. Coat lockers for preschool classrooms are a must!

School Outlet sells ECR4Kids 5 Section Coat Lockers with and without a bench. They are the perfect storage unit for small preschool settings and allow the students to have a place of their own within the communal environment.

Storage Cabinets for Preschool Classrooms

Items commonly found in a preschool classroom: small toys, games, and art supplies. But where to put it all? Storage containers are a necessity for every classroom used to teach, or rather occupy the time of, small children.

School Outlet supplies an assortment of ECR4Kids storage cabinets available in different sizes. For example, fold and lock storage cabinets can contain small and medium-sized toys, and can be folded, locked, and put away for later use. They are available in 24, 30, and 36-inch heights.

Our virtual store also displays a selection of single sided, transportable compartment storage cabinets. And we sell 20 and 25 cubby units that can be equipped with clear or colored trays.

Theres Always More!

A preschool classroom wouldnt be a preschool classroom without colorful rugs or mats, and chairs made for small children. School Outlet offers a variety of floor coverings that will add the perfect splash of color to your preschool classroom. And hopefully theyll engage students attention as well.

School Outlet supplies a variety of chairs available in a multitude of seat heights and colors.

See Everything School Outlet Has to Offer

To see all of the wonderful ECR4Kids products School Outlet offers, visit our virtual school furniture store today. With any inquiries, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff by calling 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.