Flexible Seating Ideas for Classrooms

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School Outlet is the top provider of classroom furniture for schools nationwide. We pride ourselves in forming part of your school community by giving you the resources to build a positive academic environment. School Outlet wants to make it easy and practical for you to assemble your classroom surroundings. Explore flexible seating options for the classroom below.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are our most flexible school chair option because they provide quick and convenient seating. Since they fold up, they are easy to store and transport using our Chair Dollies & Trucks. Discover our complete collection of folding chairs here.

Premium Steel Folding Chair with Retractable Tablet Arm Desk

This Virco 165 folding chair is a very practical and flexible seating option because it is suitable for all students ages. Accommodation ranges from students in elementary school to those in high school. The chair features a side tablet arm desk so students can comfortably write notes as they attend class. Quickly fold out of your storage room closet and provide seating to a new student or guest touring the school.

Vinyl Upholstered Premium Folding Chair

This vinyl folding chair designed by National Public Seating facilitates classroom management. If your school methods are more dynamic meaning your students are engaging in activities that dont require sitting all the time this chair is the most practical option for you. You can easily fold it up and set it aside, making room for students to stand and do team-building exercises.

Airflex Series Premium Polypropylene Folding Chair

This National Public Seating Airflex series folding chair is our lightest seating option. This is possibly the easiest chair to carry and transport due to its weightless quality. Children can easily drag it as needed without the help of the teacher, encouraging independence. Such activity is pivotal towards personal development.

Task, Technology & Mobile Chairs

Flexible seating classroom chairs for both students and teachers. Brands like Eureka, Safco, Virco, and OFM provide chairs for classrooms such as task chairs that are height adjustable and provide lumbar support. Drafting chairs provide mobility, making it easy for teachers and students to move the chairs around at their convenience.

Swivel Upholstered Armless Task Chair

The essentials by OFM seating provide task chairs ideal for computer labs and your school library. You can easily move them around as you wish to distribute them and they are also practical for traditional desks or drafting tables. This comfortable chair features height adjustment and 360-degree swivel.

Safco Metro Extended Height Chair

Safcos mission is to create your comfort zone, this is why they design chairs with the utmost comfort and soft materials. This chair is inclusive because students who need the added support can adjust the height of the chair and use the foot ring to rest their feet if they cant reach the floor. Apt enough to be used as a desk chair and for labs in public schools and private schools.

Eureka Ergonomic Swing Chair

If your school lacks in power chairs, power wheelchairs or mobility scooters, you might want to look into investing in this executive swing chair designed by Eureka. Students who are wheelchair users might feel more comfortable transitioning into the classroom by utilizing this ergonomic swing chair rather than a normal chair due to its curved backrest and wheels that provide mobility.

The swing seat also aids in maintaining a full range of motion and balance of posture. It's important to be inclusive of all students in your school and encourage pride mobility. This way no one feels left out over something as simple yet crucial as a chair.

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Flexible classroom seating is an essential addition to any dynamic school and classroom. At School Outlet, we exclusively allocate classroom furniture for your students and teachers comfort. Classroom furniture is the vehicle in which education takes place and with the appropriate chairs, school desks, and stools such environments can be enriched.

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