How to Clean and Protect Classroom Furniture for a Long Service Life

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How to Clean and Protect Classroom Furniture for a Long Service LifeSpending hard-earned school budget dollars on school furniture is an investment. You want the school chairs and school desks you buy to last as long as possible, while looking good and being in good working condition too. In an ideal world, school furniture would last forever, but it doesnt. Like everything else, school chairs and tables break or eventually begin to look shabby. However, although degradation is inevitable, you can delay it from happeningslow it down a little bit. You just have to make sure to care for your schools furniture regularly and properly.

Cleaning Wood Furniture

The correct way to take care of school furniture depends on what kind of school furniture you have and the environment of your schoolfor example: the school desks at your school are probably made from laminate, but school desks are also constructed from wood.

If there is wood furniture in your school, then its important that it is never soaked in water or other liquids. To clean wood properly, all you need is water and a mild soap. You can use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Be careful using harsh cleaners on wood furniture pieces. Its not advised because harsh cleaners can damage wood and change the appearance of it. Before washing wood with water and mild soap, you can use a dry cloth to wife dirt off the surface.

Preserving Wood Furniture

Wood can be hard to restore, so its important to prevent damage from occurring to it in the first place. You can prevent damage from occurring to wood furniture by keeping it out of direct sunlight and placing it far away from heat units and vents. Dry heat causes wood to dry and shrink, which leaves cracks, so prevent this from happening by taking precautionary measures.

Cleaning Laminate Desk Tops and Plastic Chairs

Using water and mild soap is a suitable solution for properly cleaning laminate or plastic school tables and chairs. You can polish the metal legs and other metal pieces on school furniture and this will improve the appearance of the furniture.

Buy High Quality School Furniture

Its important to regularly clean school furniture to maintain cleanliness in the classroom and a good appearance; however, one way to ensure school furniture stays in good working condition is to purchase high quality school furniture in the first place. Buy high quality school furniture that looks good and is sturdy, and then do all you can to maintain the appearance of the furniture by cleaning it regularly and keeping it away from potential harm.

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