How to Find the Right Science Tables for Your Classroom

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How to Find the Right Science Tables for Your ClassroomScience tables are not the same as tables for your other classroom. You need tables with surfaces that are prepared for some of the abrasive chemicals that get used in experiments, like chlorine or simple acids and basic chemicals. If you have a physics lab, your tables should be sturdy enough to support a small pulley system, or other engineering experiments. Biology classrooms are often used for simple dissections. Dissections involve chemicals like formaldehyde that can stain and damage certain surfaces if you are not careful.

School Outlet Offers Ideal Tables for Science Classrooms

School Outlet pays attention to details like these when offer wholesale options for tables that can be used in science classrooms. We know that education professionals want to be efficient with their money while providing a high quality space for their students to learn and be productive. Thats why we offer durable goods at affordable prices. Science classrooms come in all shapes and sizes.

Big Science Classroom Tables for Experiments and Studying

The durable science tables are ideal for all sorts of experiments. Their simple design provides plenty of surface area for both studying and activities. The laminate top resists damage, and is easy clean up and care for. View all size options for this science table to find the best one for your classroom. The top is designed to be acid resistant.

Safe Tables for Science Experiments Involving Extreme Temperatures

Try this phenolic resin top for experiments involving dry ice. Dry ice is a relatively safe substance, but it can warp certain particle board or wooden surfaces commonly used for table tops. They are chemical resistant as well.

Sturdy Science Room Tables for Chemistry Classes

The chemical resistant tables have adjustable legs that are suitable to all sorts of different floors and classrooms. Surface stability is an important part of safety in science experiments. You dont want beakers and test tubes sliding off an uneven surface and landing on the ground. You also want an easy and safe cleanup process if any of your chemicals should spill.

Chemical Resistance Tables with Storage Compartments

Students need a secure place to store those heavy science textbooks during experiments. These chemical-resistant tables with book compartments offer you a way to de-clutter your science classroom. This is a way you can stay organized and efficient with your space. Books and other materials can be kept safe from chemicals using these compartments.

How to Order Tables for Science Classrooms and Laboratories

School Outlet is a premiere supplier of classroom furniture for classrooms of all shapes and sizes. We have helped schools of all grades outfit their science classrooms and labs with materials and furniture that keep them productive and safe. Get in touch with us by calling (877) 398-6449 or contact us online to view prices, pictures and styles of tables and other supplies. We look forward to hearing about the needs of your science classroom and how we can be of service to you.