How to Set Up a Collaborative Classroom Environment Using the Right Desks

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When it comes to furnishing school classrooms, what do you think is ideal? Educators have been working to pinpoint this issue for years.

Recent studies have proven students typically learn better in collaborative learning environments. Students who are encouraged to engage with each other and learn from one another in collaborative classroom settings are generally happier in school, have better grades, and are more willing to participate.

When the need for collaboration arises, it is important that classroom furniture, like school desks, is flexible, so collaboration is simple to accomplish.

What is Flexible School Furniture?

You might be wondering what we mean when we say flexible school furniture. Do we mean the furniture should be capable of bending and changing shape? Not exactly, but you might consider purchasing a few beanbags for your classroom to mix up the seating options.

When we say flexible, we mean easy to move and easy to arrange, preferably together.

With the right school furniture, your classroom can be set up in a variety of ways and your school furniture can help you create the learning environment you want for your students on any given day or for specific times within any given day.

Choose Your Classroom Set-Up

To set up a collaborative classroom, or at least a classroom that can be arranged into a collaborative learning environment quickly and when needed, it is important to acquire student desks that can be moved easily and arranged into collaborative arrangements effortlessly.

School Outlet supplies a number of student desks that are perfect for collaborative learning environments, for example:

Vircos Zuma Student Desk Trapezoid Top

Balt 905080 Economy Shapes Desk

Vircos ZBOOM Modular Desk

Vircos Zuma Student Desk Trapezoid Top

The Zuma Student Desk with a trapezoid top by Virco Manufacturing is designed for the configuration of 6 student desks pushed together to create a circle. When 6 of these desks are pushed together, the diameter of the circle is 6-feet.

Balt 905080 Economy Shapes Desk

With Balts Economy Shapes Desk, its easy to push these desks together to create collaborate groups of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 students. The ergonomic shape of the table provides ultimate flexibility and workspace comfort.

Vircos ZBOOM Modular Desk

This desk by Virco Manufacturing has a triangular top and can be configured into a variety of collaborative set-ups with other Virco ZBOOM Modular Desks, like groups of 4.

Why You Should Purchase Collaborative Student Desks Today

Not every lesson and activity in your classroom will call for student collaboration, but, because studies have proven student collaboration in school classrooms helps students learn better and participate more, every teacher should strive to incorporate collaborative learning into his or her lessons each day.

Find the perfect collaborative student desks for your classroom with School Outlet. Our selection of collaborative student desks can be arranged individually and pushed together into groups of varying sizes when necessary.

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