Jonti Craft Toddler Furniture: A School Outlet Review

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Do you run a preschool or daycare and need some new toddler furniture to update your toddler rooms? Jonti Craft toddler furniture has a wide variety of affordable and durable toddler furniture that can help keep those little ones engaged, happy and safe. School Outlet carries a huge selection of Jonti Craft toddler furniture and weve reviewed several of the best selling and most popular items below.

Best Selling Jonti Craft Toddler Furniture from School Outlet

Jonti-Craft TODDLER PICK-a-BOOK STAND: Toddlers love books! Add this book stand to your toddler room for hours of built in fun. This display puts books at eye level for your kids and the shelves are thick enough to hold board books. One of the most popular features of this book stand is that there are dry erase sections where toddlers can draw pictures. Teachers and caregivers love this stand because the edges are rounded to prevent injuries.

Jonti-Craft Sensory Sand and Water Table Toddler: If you work with kids, you already know that sand and water are two of their favorite things. Giving toddlers lots of opportunities for interactive, hands on play is also extremely beneficial to their learning and development. This sand and water table is affordable, durable and even carries a lifetime guarantee. It has a six-inch deep plastic liner with a built-in drain valve and comes on swivel casters so you can move it from inside a classroom to outdoors with ease. This sand and water table is a favorite of caregivers because it is easy to assemble and clean!

Jonti-Craft Baltic Birch Toddler Coat Locker: Keep your classroom neat and organized with a storage unit for all coats, shoes and even lunch boxes that your toddlers can reach! This locker has double hooks and cubbies, making it easier for young children to work on fine motor skills and independence. This storage unit is easy to clean, has no doors that can pinch fingers and rounded edges to prevent other injuries.

Jonti-Craft Double Adjustable Easel-Toddler Height : Toddlers love to draw, paint and express themselves through art. This toddler-height easel is ideal for kids who are interested in art and for adults who want to keep a room clean and organized. You can clip paper to this easel so that your students can easily take their work home! This easel has safety lock braces so it stays in place while toddlers are using it, and it also folds flat for easy storage. For an additional charge, you can also add a Write-n-Wipe markerboard, a chalkboard or a clear acrylic board to give your kids other creative activities.

Add Jonti-Craft Furniture to your Toddler Room

Jonti-Craft Toddler furniture is known for its durability, ease of use (for the little hands of toddlers) and to encourage learning. These products are affordably priced and designed to be functional and long lasting. If you are looking to add some new furniture to your toddler room in a daycare or preschool, Jonti-Craft has many options to meet your needs! School Outlet offers many options and our team can answer questions about any of the pieces you are interested in purchasing. Call us at 877-398-6449 for more information or to place an order!