Keeping Kids Engaged in Their Learning

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Keeping Kids Engaged in Their Learning

Ask any teacher what the most challenging part of his or her job is, and you'll probably be told that it's keeping students interested throughout the day. Even the most passionate educator knows that there is going to come a time when students will just tune out. Even if the subject matter is interesting, it's the way the materials are presented that is key.

While fleeting attention spans aren't age specific, the youngest students can pose the most challenges. At School Outlet, we provide the classroom furnishings needed to help meet those challenges and keep kids engaged in learning. But it takes more than just fun things to play with to succeed; the key is to mix up your methods when lesson planning. Here are a couple of big tips on how to do that successfully:

1. Cut Down on Quiet Time
Inevitably, some quiet time is required. This is especially true if you're dealing with younger students who are just beginning to learn how to read. After all, how do you teach reading without giving students time to read on their own? But mixing in more "active" time compared to "down" time will keep students feeling energized. Something like a custom activity table can be just what you need to keep students engaged over the course of a long day. Giving them something tangible to interact with and a place to cooperate with others is the best way to promote learning.

2. Make a Game
Taking a lesson and turning it into a game is another time-tested way to keep young students engaged in their education. From computer games to more traditional physical group activities, games are a great way to trigger the memory and keep students interested. Even if a full game isn't feasible, a simple repetitive act like a call and response sing-a-long lesson would keep students paying attention. The use of music as a learning tool has long been accepted as one of the best ways to help young children retain information.

A custom activity table from School Outlet can provide students with the space they need to get quality, hands on education time. Combining physical activity with creative lesson plans that incorporate games will make young students active participants in their own learning. Check out today and see what classroom supplies we offer that can help keep students engaged!