Library Furniture Collection: Top Four Picks

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ECR4Kids Deluxe Hardwood Tables
Choosing furniture for your library can be a daunting task. When making an investment in new furniture, you want to make sure you choose pieces that will meet the needs of your library and its users. You also want to make sure the pieces are going to last long enough for you to get a good return out of your investment.

School Outlet is a school furniture specialty company supplying quality furniture for your classrooms. Whether you are on a tight budget or have extended funds to support such project, your institution will benefit immensely from our furniture. To help you make cognizant decisions about the pieces you choose, weve put together the top four picks from our collection.

Mobile Library Bookcase

Mobile Library Bookcases

Jonti-Craft's Mobile Library Bookcase lets you display all of your children's books, magazines and activity workbooks without taking up valuable floor space. This sturdy birch bookcase is easy to roll on four swiveling casters, and it folds flat to provide space-saving storage. Plus, it's the perfect size for young readers to see and reach all of their favorite books. Elastic cords hold your books firmly in place.

ECR4Kids Deluxe Hardwood Table

A classic addition to any playroom or library, this durable, solid hardwood table is attractive and built to last. Tabletops are beautiful, easy-to-clean, and have smooth, rounded edges for style and safety. Let your students run wild on this one for this is one stable table.

Modular Study Carrel

Modular Study Carrels
The 55153 study carrel goes together quickly without tools making it very easy to disassemble, move and re-configure. The 48" wide version can accommodate an optional keyboard tray and CPU holder. The sturdy steel frames with melamine tops, side panels, and back panels ensure utmost privacy. What goes on in there is your business and yours alone.

Modular Lounge Seat

Modular Lounge Seating For Libraries
Economy shapes lounge seating is a flexible and adaptable choice for classrooms as well as libraries. This five-piece set fits together in a variety of ways to create several exciting collaborative seating configurations. Each durable ottoman features a wood frame, comfortable foam padding and gray upholstery assuring maximum comfortability.

Ready To Get That Library Up and Running

When selecting furniture, its important to understand how the space needs to function, as it will help you to determine how the furniture in the space should perform. By taking these top four picks into consideration, youll be able to choose furniture that will not only be useful, but will also enhance the overall character and environment of your library for years to come.

School Outlet prides itself on providing only the highest quality furniture brands at competitive prices. All of our furniture is designed to enhance the learning experience. We have been providing classroom furniture solutions from preschools to the nation's top universities for the past 10 years and continue to grow as a company.

If you are unsure of which workbench works for your classroom, then please call us toll free at (855) 672-3858 where our friendly staff can help you find activity tables that suits your budget and needs.