Mobile Charging Carts For the Classroom's Tablets and Laptops

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tablet and laptop charging stationsIn todays linked society, tablet and laptop charging stations are essential. You may have seen a couple at airports or universities, but lets face it, finding a free outlet to charge your device is sometimes impossible. Even when you do find one twenty minutes later, you have to stay nearby to make sure your device is safe from kleptomaniacs.
Charging shouldnt come at a cost.

School Outlet is a school furniture specialty company founded on excellent customer service and furniture you can count on
. We provide a wide range of fully assembled mobile charging carts that ensure the safety of your devices and your budget. Here are a few carts from our best selling brand.

1. Luxor LLTP12

Luxor LLTP12-B 12 Laptop & Chromebook Charging Cart

Ensure your laptops and Chromebooks are always fully charged and safely transported with Luxors slender 12 capacity charging cart. Inside our most affordable cart, devices rest in the 1.75″ slots between rubber-coated dividers, which helps avoid scratches and unnecessary movement. This mobile cart requires minimal assembly and will benefit your schools classrooms or offices immediately.

2. Luxor LLTM1

Charge and secure up to 16 Chromebooks or tablets with the modern steel-constructed LLTM16-B-V2 charging cart. Ideal for schools, and any other environment looking to store and transport mobile devices, Luxor LLTM16 is one of your best options.

With ventilation on all four sides and rubber-coated dividers, devices stay well cooled and safely in place while charging. An included 16-outlet vertical electrical power strip conserves space and only requires plugging one cord into the wall. Enjoy peace of mind with your tablets and Chromebooks safely and securely locked in Luxors LLTM16-B-V2 charging cart.

3. Luxor LLTM24

Never fall victim to drained batteries again with Luxors LLTM24-B. This slender charging station conserves space while protecting your tablets and Chromebooks in both transit and overnight storage. Assembly is simple, only attaching the casters and guiding handle. Equip your classroom or office with this durable steel cart to manage your IT needs.

4. Luxor LLTM30

Luxor LLTM30-B-KP 30 Tablet Charging Cart

Luxors LLTM30-B charging cart is our best-selling modern tool used to charge, store, and transport your tablets, Chromebooks, and small laptops. Whether traveling from the library, down a hallway, or through the office, the durable ball bearing casters and long-lasting tread help smoothly guide the cart to its location. Upgrade your classroom with this multi-purpose charging station.

5. Luxor LLTS32

Introducing the LLTS32-B, Luxors intelligent charging cart for mobile computing devices featuring full safety certification. Ideal for transporting, securing, and charging up to 32 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets, this next generation cart is essential for integrating technology into todays classroom.

Plug It and Go

Say goodbye to stationary, unsecured charging stations, School Outlet got you covered with fully assembled mobile charging carts that fit your classroom's needs. Our extended catalog is available online. Choose a cart that fits your budget and have it delivered in less than a week. Integrate technology into your classroom by choosing the right cart for your classroom today. And if you have any questions, be sure to give our team of furniture experts a call toll-free at (877) 398-6449.