Portable Stages and Risers For School Events

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At any school or educational establishment space is always at a premium. Many schools simply do not have the luxury of having additional space for specific events most rooms need to be versatile and functional, depending on what is required of them.

Occasionally, or even frequently, a school may need to put on a performance to showcase the talents of their students. The best place for such a performance is of course a stage, complete with seating for the audience. However, not all schools have a dedicated auditorium or performance arena which is where a portable stage and risers come in.


Add Versatility to Your School Rooms With a Portable Stage

A portable stage is just what it sounds like a stage that can be wheeled out when required, erected, and then put away again into storage when it is not needed. Risers utilize the same concept they are sections of seating that are designed to neatly fold away when not required.
By combining portable stages and risers, a school, college or any type of educational facility has the instant ability to turn any vacant hall or classroom into a fully-functional auditorium complete with stage and seating in a matter of minutes!

Here at School Outlet we can supply you with two possible options when it comes to portable stages a hardwood deck or a carpet deck. Both are manufactured by the respected company National Public Seating, a 'one-stop' resource for institutional grade furniture.

Within each style there are a number of options too. For our hardwood portable stages, we can supply stages with heights of 8, 16, 24 or 32 ches. inAll stages are 96 inches in length but there are two options when it comes to widths 36 or 48 inches. All come supplied with 14-gauge steel legs which fold against the base of the stage when not required, but then snap and lock in place while the stage is being used. The solid deck is constructed using plywood thats supported by 16-gauge steel, meaning your portable stage will provide good service year after year. You can even join portable stages together using the ganging brackets that are built into the frame.

Combine Risers With a Portable Stage to Create an Instant Auditorium

Portable Stage Groups w/ Carpet Surface

Our carpet decked portable stages come with identical configurations to our hardwood options, plus they come carpeted in a range of four colors. We can also supply carpeted portable stage groups with easy-access steps and back and side rails.

Naturally, during a performance you are going to want to have somewhere for your audience to be seated, which is where our risers comes in. Our risers are also manufactured by National Public Seating and can be purchased either in sets or in singles. They are typically presented in sets of three, and compact into one unit when folded. They can also be supplied mounted on casters meaning they can be moved easily.

To speak to our team at School Outlet about any type of portable stages or risers, or for any information about any of our other products, simply call (877) 398-6449 or use our online contact form available on our website.