Public School System Furniture Supplier

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Furnishing a school requires a strong attention to the details that will affect the environment of students, staff and visitors. Practicality is among the various elements to consider when choosing different pieces of furniture.

Qualities of a Great Supplier

When youre selecting a distributor, there are few key things to look for. Heres a checklist you can start with:

  • Large assortment To begin with, you should look at the variety of furniture they have. Will you be able to order furniture for just about any area of the school from the same place? Or must you look at various suppliers?

  • Domestic location Is the supplier youre looking at located in the United States? This can greatly affect the facets associated with the delivery of your order(s). When the distributor is located locally, rather than overseas, youll more easily be able to receive customer support.

  • High-quality options Check for the quality of the products youre looking for. Even if a distributor has a large variety, it doesnt mean their furniture is of a premium build. Some suppliers partner with several brands, so be sure that such brands are well known in the industry.

  • Durable products The quality of the furniture pieces youre looking at will ultimately determine their durability, and their overall value. Whether youre placing a small or large order, you want to make sure that youll be getting enough bang for your buck. Look for a supplier that can provide you with quality at a competitive price.

  • Meets ANSI/BIFMA standards It is important that school furniture meets or exceeds the minimum standards for strength and durability in the classroom as developed by the industry. Furniture pieces that do not meet these standards are more likely to collapse, break, and not hold up over time in business and classroom environments. Generally, a well-informed supplier will be aware of such standards and will make sure the inventory meets those requirements.

Although it might sound impossible to find all of these qualities in just one supplier, at School Outlet youll find all of the aforementioned elements and more.

How School Outlet Can Meet Your Preferences

At School Outlet, youll find a diversified inventory including, but not limited to:

  • Book cases
  • Cafeteria and lunch room tables
  • Desks
  • Drafting and art furniture
  • Dry erase and chalkboards
  • Seating
  • Science and lab furniture
  • Tables

School Outlet has partnered with a myriad of the most renowned brands in the industry to offer customers a varied range of the best products. All of our products are made of durable materials that allow for a longer lifespan.

We only carry versatile furniture selections of superior quality, which are easy to maintain. Our premium chairs and desks (including combinations) are among our many items that offer enough support and convenience to assure that students and teachers alike have the comfort they need to make the most out of their day.

At School Outlet, we understand the importance of furnishing an educational facility with all of the necessary resources. Rather than having to worry about having to constantly replace lower quality furniture pieces that can break or fade over time, our heavy-duty range can give everyone a peace of mind.

For more information about our school furniture selection, contact School Outlet today.