School Cafeteria Furniture

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Students look forward to lunchtime and recess the whole day for it is the only time in school when they can eat and have some leisure. At School Outlet, we want to make sure students are accommodated with the comfort they deserve after long hours of studying by providing you with top-quality lunch tables and bench seating.

Dining Room Bench Style Seating

AmTab Round Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table 60" Diameter

Optimize your cafeteria space with these round tables that come with attached seating. You can easily move them around because they are mobile tables, meaning they have wheels secured at the bottom to provide you with the portability you need.

The benefit of these folding cafeteria tables is that you can store them effortlessly since they have opening and closing functions. They lock in place when folded and you can open them from both external sides. The round shape of this lunchroom table allows students to see all of theirpeers faces while eating, conversing or playing cards during recess.

Virco Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table

This is a ten-foot-long table with a rectangular shape. You can purchase various with the same dimensions and set them up side by side in your school cafeteria so all students can sit together. Although it is called a Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table you can also use it in other settings. The wheels at the bottom provide mobility and the caf table also folds up quite easily for storage.

National Public Seating Mobile Cafeteria 10' Elliptical Fixed Bench Unit

This Mobile Cafeteria seating sits eight to twelve students. You can use this table as an outdoor bench in your schools patio or place it inside your schools cafeteria depending on the location and season your school is in.

This table is available in round, rectangular and elliptical shapes. You can easily bring up the bench units legs to clean the floors or to store the benches, tables and the rest of your cafeterias furniture to make room for other academic activities.

Virco Oval Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table 17" Seat Height 8 Stools

These oval stool tables provide comfortable seating for up to eight students per table. The wheels allow effortless mobility and the creases convert this cafeteria table into a storage bench in a matter of seconds.

Bacteria can become abundant in cafeteria tables since many students spill food, drinks and crumbs seem to be everywhere. The tabletop of this Virco Oval Dining table has a urethane-based sealant thats applied with an anti-bacterial process for cleanliness. The seamless, chemically bonded seal prevents food from lodging in the tabletop edges.

Shop School Outlets Modern Cafeteria Tables

School Outlet supplies top of the line brands such as Virco, National Public Seating and AmTab to distribute to schools all across the United States. Children are the future and we want to make sure they have the proper tools to gain a lucrative education.

Classroom furniture and cafeteria furniture can play a huge role in students' academic experiences. This is why we only provide you with the very best.

If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi,contact us and our team of experts will assist you with anything you need.