School Cafeteria Seating Guide

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At School Outlet, we want to make sure students are prepared with the tools required in order to have a fruitful education. For students to be able to thrive in school, we have to give them proper course materials, excellent teachers and the right furniture to make this academic environment possible.

The school cafeteria is the only time and place students get the chance to relax after a hard day's work. At School Outlet, we pride ourselves with our latest collection of cafeteria furniture. We believe your students deserve to be comfortably seated, after all, they are the future.

We have prepared a School Cafeteria Seating Guide to point you in the right direction depending on your schools wants and needs. Discover it below!

Folding Cafeteria Tables

If what you need is folding & mobile cafeteria tables because you have a dynamic cafeteria that turns into a space for school assemblies, pep rallies or gym then these cafe tables below are just the right pick for you.

These tables with attached wheels allow effortless mobility plus, they fold up easily for quick and secure storage so you can turn your school lunchroom into whatever environment you need it to be.

Virco MTC8 8 Foot Convertible Bench Table

School Cafeteria Seating Guide

This convertible bench table is one of our most versatile tables yet. Buy an even number of these lunch tables and arrange them so that two of them face each other to assemble one large table. The units lock in place when you unite them.

The beauty of this caf table is that you can align them side by side and voil: now you have bench-style seating for school assemblies. The material of the tabletop has a urethane-based sealant thats applied with an anti-bacterial process for cleanliness. The seamless, chemically bonded seal prevents food from lodging in the tabletop edges.

AmTab All-In-One Mobile Convertible Bench 72" L

School Cafeteria Seating Guide

Flexible? Check! Multifaceted? Check! Multipurpose? Check! This convertible bench has it all and can turn into anything you wish. It can be a bench with back support, a bench with two heights for school assemblies or it can be a cafeteria table when you gage two units together. It locks in place for your students security and has foldable legs with wheels on them so you can move these lunchroom tables and put them in storage if you must.

National Public Seating Mobile Cafeteria Table 30" W x 10' L - 10 Stools

School Cafeteria Seating Guide

Stool tables are great for the break room, cafeteria or even for the classroom. The benefit of opting for stools instead of bench-style seating is that students have room to slide and sit at the lunch table with their cafeteria tray without having to disrupt, touch or make other people scoot down to make some space. You can easily fold this mobile cafeteria table and store it to optimize space.

School Furniture With Attached Seating

Whether you are American, Spanish, Central American or just plain human you will find these midwest folding products appropriate for all your students to have a positive cafeteria dining experience. All our cafeteria tables from leading manufacturers are versatile, mobile and foldable to adapt to any schools style of academia.

Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with finding anything, our friendly customer service staff is waiting patiently to answer your questions or comments.