School Charging Carts and Stations at Wholesale Prices

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Electronics can do unbelievable things this day in age within a school setting. That is, as long as the battery is charged up. Gone are the days where all electronics plugged into the wall. Rechargeable batteries now show up in a wide variety of electronics including tablets, computers, keyboards, etc. So, rather than considering a lesson plan a failure because the electronics needed for your presentation were not properly charged, its time to invest in school charging carts and stations from School Outlet at wholesale prices.

Freedom for Teachers

Most teachers do not like to feel locked down to one particular location when they teach. To keep students engaged, many teachers move around during the class. Rather than having to go back and forth from the location where the electronic device is plugged into the wall, a school charging cart and station will allow teachers to engage with students across the room. This rechargeable freedom makes teaching more fun for teachers, thanks to the ability to charge necessary electronics from anywhere in the room.

Efficient Learning

As more and more classrooms migrate to utilizing electronics on a daily basis, teachers have had to adapt. For those classrooms where students utilize laptops or tablets to do a lot of their work on a daily basis, your responsibility as the teacher is to ensure that the particular electronic items are charged up each day for the students. Investing in a school charging cart and station for your classroom will help ensure that these electronics can be fully charged and ready to go every time the students enter your classroom. A school charging cart and station allows for efficient learning every day of the school year.

Diverse Charging Cart & Station Options

All classrooms are different. Regardless of the size of your classroom and the number of electronics that are utilized within your school, our team at School Outlet has options for you. The best part about it is that you get access to these charging carts at wholesale prices. A sample of our school charging carts and stations include:

  1. Luxor LOTM16 16 Tablet & Chromebook Open Charging Cart - This base model charging cart gets the job done well for teachers as it is a rolling station that can be easily maneuvered. This charging station not only charges up to 16 tablets, but it also stores the devices as well.
  2. Balt 32 Compartment A La Cart Charging Cart - For a larger classroom setting where multiple types of tablet devices are used, this is the perfect charging cart to consider. Balts A La Cart charging cart can charge up to 32 tablet devices ranging from iPads to Chromebooks and can even charge the Otterbox Defender Series Case with cover.
  3. Luxor LLTS32-B-32 Chromebook/Laptop/Tablet Smart Charging Cart - When it comes to the total package, Luxors LLTS32-B is a wonderful option because it gives you the ability to charge both tablets and laptops at the same time. This charging cart can store up to 32 Chromebooks, laptops and tablets to ensure that the electronics in your classroom are fully charged for your students each day.

Electronics can be an amazing tool when it comes to teaching students, but its important that they stay charged each day. To help make this easier for teachers of all styles, investing in school charging carts and stations is the way to go. At School Outlet, were proud to offer school charging carts and stations at wholesale prices. To learn more about your charging options, give us a call today at 1-877-398-6449.