School Furniture Essentials For 2021

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The new school year is approaching quickly, and it is time to make your classroom have everything it needs. You have desks, chairs, room dividers, files, and everything else in place. One item that can make your life easier and improve the classroom experience of your students is a mobile whiteboard.

Using Whiteboards In The Classroom

You probably already know how easy it is to add visuals and notes to the whiteboard to enhance your lecture. You can create colorful graphics and use gestures to get your point across more thoroughly. Whiteboards have almost entirely replaced traditional chalkboards in many schools.

The advantages of whiteboards are that they are mobile, and some have a corkboard backing that can be used for pinning announcements and graphics that you use frequently. They are also easy to move around the classroom for better visibility or when working with small groups. You can also use sticky notes and other visuals on them.

Over time, whiteboards can wear out. Using the wrong cleaning products on them or the wrong type of markers can ruin them. If your whiteboard has seen better days, or you can see the faded remnants of past projects, it is time for an upgrade this year.

Finding The Right Whiteboard

Whiteboards come in many sizes, shapes, and have different features. Here are a few of the types available for your classroom this year.

Single Side / Corkboard Back

Some whiteboards have a whiteboard on one side and a cork board on the other. This can be an excellent option if you have things like calendars, announcements, and daily lists to pin on one side, but you still want a whiteboard on the other. They are easy to turn from one side to the other and offer many options.

Double Sided

Double-sided whiteboards give you extra room. You can keep reference material on one side and material related to the current lecture on the other. They are also an excellent option for using between two working groups. You can dedicate each side of the board to the appropriate group.

Sizes And Shapes

Whiteboards come in shapes that range from wide rectangles to taller rectangular shapes. We carry a wide range of sizes, but the most popular is 6-foot wide by 4-feet tall. This gives you plenty of room to work.


You can choose from lightweight aluminum frames that are easy to move around, or you can choose black tubular steel that adds a little weight. Black tubular steel frames are excellent for presentations as they highlight the material on the board.

Magnetic Marker Boards And Glass Boards

You can choose magnetic marker boards and boards made from glass for a professional look. These boards expand your classroom presentation possibilities.

Update Your Whiteboard School Supply With School Outlet

School Outlet has a wide range of mobile whiteboards and other supplies for every need. You can easily find one that matches your teaching style and that fits your classroom budget.

For more information, reach out to us today. Check out our selection to find the one that will make your classroom the ultimate place for learning this year.