School Laptop and Tablet Charging Cabinets For Classrooms

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Secure Laptop and Tablet Charging Cabinets for Schools

Schools across America utilize laptops and tablets for learning every day. Although computer labs are still used, and arguably necessary, theyre not completely relied on because of the accessibility schools have to laptops and tablets. Schools that supply tablets and laptops to their studentswhether it be on a use-by-use basis or for students to use for the remainder of the yearthere is generally a need for charging, transporting, and securing the devices.

School Outlet offers customers a large selection of laptop and tablet charging cabinets for schools. Our selection includes cabinets manufactured by Luxor, Balt, Diversified, and Oklahoma Sound. The cabinets School Outlet supplies are available in various sizes and styles. For example, transportable cabinets can accommodate between 12 and 42 devices. Our selection includes cabinets that secure to walls or tabletops, in addition to transportable cabinets.

Luxor Tablet and Laptop Charging CartsLuxor Tablet and Laptop Charging Carts

Luxor manufactures modern and durable charging carts that can accommodate 12, 16, 18, 24, 30, or 42 tablets or laptops. These carts are entirely constructed from steel and feature padded top surfaces. Four 4-inch ball bearing casters2 with locking brakesare on every cart. This makes the carts easy to move and simple to secure into place. Inside the cabinets, there are rubber-coated dividers that separate the stored devices. The dividers keep the equipment organized and protected. There are locking doors on every Luxor cabinet, which can be accessed by lock and key systems. This feature ensures utmost security for the devices stored inside.

Luxor Charging Boxes For Ultimate Security

School Outlet carries a selection of Luxors charging boxes that can be secured to walls or desktops. These boxes are not transportable and can secure 12 or 16 laptop or tablet devices. School Outlet offers a variety of wall/desk charging box styles. For example, the boxes can have 1 or 2 doors, and they can be horizontal or vertical in design.

Although these boxes are not transportable, they are a great option for classrooms where laptops and tablets do not leave the vicinity. The boxes keep the devices in one location, which provides the ultimate security.

More Laptop Cabinet Options For School Offices and Libraries

 Luxors compact 8 Wall/Desk Charging StationIn addition to Luxor charging cabinets, School Outlet supplies charging cabinets manufactured by Balt, Diversified, and Oklahoma Sound. Our selection includes a variety of charging cabinet sizes and styles, so dont hesitate to check out all of the charging cabinets School Outlet has to offer.

For schools that would like a charging cabinet with a more classic appearance, for example, School Outlet offers Oklahoma Sound charging cabinets which are made with high-pressure, thermofused laminate on particle board instead of stainless steel. School Outlet also supplies various charging cabinets that feature tabletops and desks for instructors. Be sure to check out all we have to offer!

Organize Your Workarea with Laptop Cabinets from School Outlet

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