School Outlet's National Public Seating Institutional Grade Furniture

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School Outlet's National Public Seating Institutional Grade FurnitureWhats great about School Outlets full selection of National Public Seating products is that our store offers a little bit of everything. Its possible to furnish an entire school with the National Public Seating product offering we have on our virtual school furniture store, which includes: school desks and chairs, lunch tables, chemical-resistant science tables, and equipment to transport folding chairs, stackable chairs, and tables.

Folding Everything

There are 3 qualities apparent in every product manufactured by National Public Seating: durability, transportability, and convenience. Although folding tables and chairs are not the ideal classroom furniture, every school typically requires folding tables and chairs for some occasions. School Outlet carries a wide selection of National Public Seating folding tables and chairs.

Basic Folding Tables and Chairs

Customers can choose from our offering of basic metal folding chairs and white folding tables of various sizes and shapes. Our selection includes multiple colors of metal folding chairs and our store offers a selection of upholstered metal folding chairs for a more upscale appearance. The folding tables carried by School Outlet include round and rectangular-shaped tables in varying sizes.

Equipment To Transport Folding Tables and Chairs

School Outlet supplies a series of folding dollies for our selection of National Public Seating folding tables and chairs too. You never know when folding tables and chairs will come in handy. Whether its a planned event that calls for extra seating or a make shift meeting of students, teachers, spectators, or parents, School Outlet has the NPS furniture you need. The dollies we provide allow furniture to be transported and stored quickly and easily. We also supply trucks for the stackable chairs our store offers.

Durable School Furniture For The Toughest Environments

For classrooms that require special furniture, like chemical-resistant science tables, School Outlet carries a selection of National Public Seating furniture for that too. Take a look at our offering of chemical-resistant science classroom furniture, which includes lab stations, desks, and other pieces of equipment for unique classroom environments. Our NPS selection includes 18-inch and 30-inch stools, in addition to adjustable stools.

Set The Stage

No school is complete without a band and choir. Check out School Outlets full offering of furniture that is ideal for band and choir rooms, including: music chairs, music stands, portable stages with carpet, and choral risers. School Outlet also offers a full selection of lunchroom tables, including bench style and stool style seating. NPS lunch tables are durable and easy to move, which is ideal for lunchrooms that are often transformed into impromptu choral or band practice rooms.

Order National Public Seating School Furniture From School Outlet Today

Visit School Outlets virtual school furniture store today and view our full selection of high quality NPS school furniture. Once you find what youre looking for, get on the phone with one of our knowledgeable team members and see how we can save your school some money.

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