School Room Dividers and Privacy Panels for Classrooms

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Schoolroom wall dividers and privacy panels for classrooms are often necessary in academia. Often times in elementary school, teachers must divide the classroom into smaller groups in order to gain the undivided attention of the students.

At School Outlet, we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality classroom furniture that will last you ages. With the proper tools and furniture, we believe you can construct fruitful learning spaces for your teachers and students.

Privacy panels and school room wall dividers are convenient for classrooms with diverse settings in which separating school subjects, and teachers, are best for keeping students focused. Discover our privacy panels for classrooms below!

Noise Blocking Privacy Panels

Luxor Acoustic Room Dividers

The Luxor acoustic room wall divider will block out any noise, conversation, or sounds in order to prevent students from getting distracted while you are giving a lecture. You may also use the Luxor Acoustic Room Dividers in conference rooms, the office, or in the home by arranging an array side by side in whatever shape or design you wish to due to its high adaptability.

Luxor 3-Pack Desktop Privacy Panel

This privacy panel is made specifically for desktops. You can acquire this panel so that students can do any makeup tests or quizzes that they may need to complete as you give your lesson of the day without having to supervise. The privacy panel will prevent them from looking over to other students desks or quiz and help them focus on the assignment at hand.

Luxor Acoustic Room Dividers Expansion Panel

Divide your classroom with Luxor acoustic room wall dividers in order to create a learning environment free of distractions, or noise. You can teach math in one section of the classroom and your teaching assistant can teach language arts in the other; this expansion panel will provide you with structure and help you make the best out of the space you have available.

Luxor Room Dividers at School Outlet

At School Outlet, we are honored to be your go-to for the best classroom furniture online. We curate and select from a wide variety of brands and we are proud to only provide you with the very best. Luxor has high-quality, durable classroom furniture that will improve students educational experience and the way instructors teach.
If you have any questions or comments or would like to know more about the different types of classroom furniture we carry, contact us and our team of experts will help you find what you need.