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Science lab students and instructors alike should have enough desk space to conduct experiments and take notes, whether working on an individual basis or in groups. At School Outlet, youll find various types of quality tables made to cater to the more delicate conditions of a science lab.

The Need for Accuracy

No experiment is complete without having accurate measurements. This can only be achieved by having a sturdy station to work on. The ADA Lab Workstation from Diversified Woodcraft at School Outlet, for instance, comes in several versions, each made with adjustable glides to assure a precise angle of leveling.

The workstation has a foldaway crank positioned on the student side of the table. With a solid epoxy resin top, it makes for a durable composition thats easy to clean. Moreover, students can more comfortably position their arms and hands on the table.

Two hooks are mounted under the table surface to allow for hanging up to four book bags with ease. Steel corner braces and rubber leg boots offer a robust build for a steady workspace.

All-Inclusive Safety

The type of tables you choose will largely depend on the size of the classroom and the number of students that will attend each lab course. So, its crucial to consider choosing precise table sizes that can be accommodated by elements like classroom size, in order to assure that everyone has enough space to get around each table. Additionally, most tables come with covered electrical outlets for enhanced protection.

The Diversified Woodcrafts EZ-Lift 4-Stud Lab Workstation comes with a one-inch solid phenolic resin for a superior chemical-resistant UV finish. Its crucial to select tables with tops that are shielded by a protective layer, in order to keep everyone safe when conducting experiments.

At School Outlet, you can choose from several types of table tops, including High Pressure Laminate, ChemGuard, Phenolic Resin, and Solid Epoxy Resin. Each unique type is resistant to chemicals and moisture, which gives each table a more resilient build thats safer to work on.

Top-Notch Flexibility and Storage Space

The EZ Lift Station with storage, is considered to be Diversified Woodcrafts most flexible one to date. Its made to fit up to four students (all facing the instructor) and also features a foldaway crank to adjust the tables height to assimilate with the task at hand, and to accommodate wheelchairs.

Science labs are filled with different supplies that must be handled with extreme care. Each piece of equipment and gear must have a special storage area to meet set safety standards. Along with having shelves and closets available in the classroom, with these tables, students can enjoy having their supplies stored in closer proximity.

An Array of Science Lab Tables

At School Outlet, we work with several brands to assure that customers have the diversity they need to meet their preferences. In addition to the science lab tables mentioned above, you can find various options that offer similar functionalities and features. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Diversified Woodcrafts Metal Science Tables
  • Shain Hi-Lo Bench
  • National Public Seating Fixed and Adjustable Science Lab Tables
  • Diversified Woodcrafts Round Science Tables
  • Diversified Woodcrafts Riser Science Lab Tables
  • Diversified Woodcrafts Instructors Science Desks
  • Diversified Woodcrafts Octagon Lab Workstation
  • Diversified Woodcrafts Mobile Science Stations
  • Shain Workbenches and Shop Tables

Our inventory of science tables offers the maximum amount of efficiency and most are compliant with ADA regulations. For more information about our wide selection, call School Outlet today, and well be more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have.