Science Lab Stools For School Laboratories & Classrooms

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Comfort is extremely important when you are educating or learning. If youre learning, chances are, you are going to be sitting a great deal, so it's important that you can do so comfortably. An uncomfortable science lab stool is a real back-breaker pardon the pun!

Best Science Lab Stools for School Laboratories and Classrooms

The leading stools have been ergonomically designed to provide the very best in lumbar support, and are fully adjustable as we all come in different shapes and sizes. Here are what we think are the best science lab stools for school laboratories and classrooms.

Virco ZLAB

Virco really knows what they are talking about when it comes to comfort. This innovative, award-winning company has designed and manufactured some of the best stools in the business, and that includes the Virco ZLAB series .
Your ZLAB stool will give you all the support you need, and in a stylish way too. Fully adjustable, you can quickly and simply alter the height of the seat from 19 1/2 all the way up to 27. The solid frame provides excellent lumbar support and the stool is also easy to maneuver thanks to its five-point caster-mounted base.
As an additional benefit, the Virco ZLAB comes with a ten year warranty and is available in a number of colors.

Safco Vue

Although strictly a chair the Safco Vue can be adjusted to a height that makes it perfectly useable as a stool with the added comfort of a backrest and a ring for your feet for that extra, welcome level of convenience.
This chair/stool has been ergonomically designed to provide comfort all day as it is fully adjustable, making it suitable for younger students all the way up to tall adults. With a stylish black finish, you can add to this chair's versatility by selecting the option of fixed loop arms.
The Safco Vue is easy to maneuver as well because it weighs only thirty pounds and comes mounted with a five-point caster assembly.

Balt Lab Stool

While most ergonomic experts will tell you today that having a stool or a chair without a back means it lacks support, there's no issue using a 'traditional' stool if you do not intend to be seated upon it all day. Often in a laboratory a stool is there in case it is needed it is not something that's expected to be in constant use.
With the Balt Lab Stool you get the best of both worlds this wooden seat comes complete with a fold-down back rest that can be tucked away when it is not needed.
The stool is also fully height-adjustable from 18 1/2 to 29 making it a practical choice for laboratories and classrooms. It even has metal nut inserts in the seat frame to help prevent the seat from loosening, or the wood from splitting.

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