Secure Tablet and Laptop Charging and Storage Carts for Schools

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Secure Tablet and Laptop Charging and Storage Carts for SchoolsLaptops and tablets are expensive to buy and time-consuming to maintain. To keep laptops and tablets running properly for as long as possible, it truly takes a villagethe assistance and watchful eyes of students, teachers, and administrators. And it can help if secure charging and storage carts are used, as well.

Lets take a look at a few of the very best charging and storage carts available right now on School Outlets website for laptops and tablets.

Luxor Charging Carts With Locking Mechanisms

Usually, its a rule in schools: put what you take back where you found it. Teachers can easily keep track of students using laptops and tablets, and make sure everything is put back in its right spot, with the help of Luxor Charging Carts. These carts can hold between 12 and 42 laptops or tablets at one time. The carts successfully charge all of the devices kept inside and include locking mechanisms, which increases security by preventing restricted people from accessing the devices.

You can easily transport up to 42 laptops and tablets at one time with Luxor Charging Carts. And dont worry about the carts rolling awaythese carts feature 2 locking wheels that secure the carts in place.

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Luxor Wall and Desk Charging Boxes With Locking Mechanisms

In addition to transportable charging carts, Luxor manufactures wall and desk charging boxes with locking mechanisms. These charging boxes have the same benefits as rolling carts, but they are not transportable. For classrooms or multi-purpose rooms that continuously need laptops and tablets, these stationary charging boxes are ideal.

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How the Luxor Locking Mechanism Secures Electronic Devices

Charging carts and boxes by Luxor are built entirely from steel, and the structures are ventilated, which allows air to circulate through the unit and keep devices cool. The locking systems on Luxor charging carts and boxes are extremely heavy duty. On carts, there are locking systems on the front and rear access doors of the carts and every unit comes with 2 keys. On the charging boxes, there is 1 locking system and the units come standard with 2 keys.

Secure Your Classrooms Laptops and Tablets With Luxor Today

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