Stand-Up Desks for Teachers and Students

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Stand-Up Desks for Teachers and Students

This day in age, studies show that being able to stand while we work has great benefits. Even in a school setting, both teachers and students have become more conscious of their bodies and the need for stand-up desks. At School Outlet, we provide quality stand-up desks for both teachers and students, all at competitive prices. We have a variety of desk options for all different types of needs and wants. If you are looking for any type of stand-up desk for the educational setting, School Outlet is the place for you.

The Luxor Student P Desk

The Luxor Student P Desk is perfect for a wide variety of students. This particular desk is incredibly easy to adjust in height. Using a pneumatic pedal, students can easily adjust the desk to their preferred height. Whether they are needing to sit or getting the urge to stand, this desk is a great stand up desk option for all students and can benefit students of varying heights.

The Luxor Standup 48 CrankAdjustable Stand-Up Desk

The Luxor Standup 48 Crank Adjustable Stand-Up Desk is a fantastic option for any teacher looking for flexibility within their classroom and at their desk. This standing desk has been known to promote health and wellness through an easily adjustable crank system. Teachers can effortlessly crank this desk from sitting to standing, adjusting the desk to their preferred height. This particular stand can also move! Easily maneuver this desk all the while keeping it stable and sturdy for the items on your desk.

The Luxor Stand-NestcAdjustable Flip Top Table

For a desk that is both adjustable and easily foldable, the Luxor Stand-Nestc Adjustable Flip Top Table is a great choice. It is 60 long, allowing for group or partner work if necessary and can easily be adjusted in height. This desk is also mobile and can be easily stored away when not in use. Simply pull the two handles and the table instantly flips into its nesting position.

The Luxor Stand 24 Desktop Standing Desk

Looking for something more standard and consistent? The Luxor Stand 24 Desktop Standing Desk is the perfect option. It is both affordable and made with quality. If you know that your teacher or student will prefer a certain height, this is the ideal desk. With 6 different height options, pick your choice and leave it there. The 24 desk contains more than enough room to fit monitors, keyboards, or perform different school assignments.

Overall, stand-up desks for teachers and students are an essential tool that will soon be the normal culture for every classroom. Stand up desks have been shown to create a better posture, reduce neck and back pain, and overall promote health wellness. All of our stand-up desks are made for comfort and productivity. For more information about stand-up desks for teachers and students or to order your new desk today, feel free to visit School Outlet online or call us Monday through Friday at (877) 398-6449.