Stool Style Seating for Lunchrooms and Cafeterias

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Lunchtime is the part of the day where its ok for children to socialize, catch up with friends and take a break from their busy day of school work. While lunchtime may be short, it gives students a much-needed break so that they can come back to their classes for the afternoon refreshed and ready to learn. So, if you are trying to create a relaxing area for your students to eat in your lunchroom or cafeteria while also maximizing space, stool style seating is your best option. Having stools ensures that each child has their own seat and space, unlike the bench style seating for lunchrooms and cafeterias. Theres no better place to go for stool style seating for lunchrooms and cafeterias than School Outlet, thanks to our wholesale pricing.

Easy Mobility & Storage

One popular feature of stool style seating is easy mobility. Need to rearrange the look of your lunchroom or cafeteria? Not a problem since these stool style tables are on wheels and can be easily moved around. Another nice feature of stool style seating is the ability to fold the lunchroom and cafeteria tables up when they are not in use. You dont have to worry about dealing with chairs since the stools are connected to the table and youve instantly got extra space that you can use for other purposes.

Stool Style Seating Options

At School Outlet, we take pride in offering schools plenty of options when it comes to their stool style seating for lunchrooms and cafeterias. All of our table options come with sturdy, comfortable stools that will provide plenty of room for your students. Additionally, we give you the ability to choose between the standard rectangular stool style cafeteria table or the round stool cafeteria table. A sample of our popular stool style seating for lunchrooms and cafeterias includes:

Virco MTS17291212 - Providing an option of 12 stools per table, this mobile stool cafeteria table helps schools of all sizes maximize the space in their lunchrooms and cafeterias. This option is available in 12 stool colors and 2 table top colors allowing you to personalize the look of your cafeteria.

NPS Mobile Cafeteria Table - This stool style table can hold up to 8 students and allows for easy entrance into the seat for students. It only takes one person to lift and move this style table around your lunchroom or cafeteria. For added sanitation, the Protect Edge is sprayed onto the table to keep food from getting trapped between the laminate and edge.

NPS 60" Round Mobile Cafeteria Table - If you are in search of around stool style table, look into this great option from School Outlet that holds 8 students. You can also fold up and easily store this roundtable when its not in use. To top it off, this table comes with a 15-year warranty.

While our main focus as teachers and administrators is teaching students in the classroom, dont overlook the importance of a welcoming and comfortable cafeteria or lunchroom. When it comes to seating for your lunchroom or cafeteria, you want to take a deep look into stool style seating to maximize space and mobility. If you are in the market for this type of seating, give our team at School Outlet a call today toll-free at 1-877-398-6449.