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When is the last time you attended a school band or choir concert? If you are a teacher, administrator or parent, then you have probably made an appearance at quite a few. If you are a student or someone who has performed in a school band or choir concert before, then you know how important it is to have the proper set-up for school performances. Whoever you are, you cannot deny the positive impression performance risers contribute to a school environment.

School Outlet supplies a variety of choir and performance risers available in different styles and colors. Each riser is manufactured from 14 and 16-gauge steel and comprises of a premium grade plywood coremeaning all of our risers are heavy-duty and prepared to support upcoming school performances for years to come. Moreover, School Outlet supplies accessories to accompany each riser, including: extra guardrails and steps for easy access to risers.

All in all, choir and performance risers are perfect for maintaining an organized appearance at school concerts and performances. Read on to find out more about all of the different types of risers School Outlet sells.

Seated Risers

Seated risers consist of deep-tiered levels that accommodate chairs and seated performers. They are typically used for band practices and concerts because performers are generally seated during these performances. With the deep levels, the crowd can still see each person performing. School Outlet offers a number of seated risers, including:

National Public Seating (NPS) Portable Seated Riser
o Carpet deck
o 3-Tier
o 8W x 12 L x 2H and 8W x 9L x 2H
NPS Stage Configuration
o 7 risers and guard rails included
o Ring, oval or bow styles
NPS Stage Set
o 48W x 96L x 8H/16H/24H
o 36W x 96L x 8H/16H/24H
o 2 guard rails included

Standing Risers

Standing risers are made for performances in which musicians are standing the entire time. The levels are not as deep as seated risers but have enough room to accommodate standing performers. School Outlet sells a variety of risers suitable for standing performances, including our transport and straight risers:

NPS Transport 3-Level Straight Riser
o 18W x 72L
NPS 2 Level Riser
o 18W x 96L x 8H
NPS 3 Level Riser
o 18W x 96L x 8H
o 18W x 96L x 16H
NPS 4 Level Riser
NPS Straight Riser
o 18W x 96L x 8H
o 18W x 96L x 16H
o 18W x 96L x 24H
o 18W x 96L x 32H
o Available in Carpet and Hardboard

What Size Should I Get?

If youre wondering which size riser is right for your school, School Outlet advises you to consider the size of the room in which the riser will be placed and how many people it is expected to accommodate. Leave enough room for steps if necessary so students can get on and off of the risers safely and easily.

Should I Get a Hardboard or Carpet Riser?

All of the risers School Outlet sells have a solid plywood core. You can choose to have hardboard or carpet covering. The hardboard is a more economical option. Carpeting is available in a variety of colors and dresses up the appearance of the riser. But it is typically more expensive than hardboard.

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