Tablet and Laptop Charging Cart Buying Guide

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In a world where technology is on the forefront of more than just the business industry, the use of mobile devices has become an ordinary staple. In the education sector, the use of laptops and tablets has significantly risen to the point where e-books are increasingly becoming the normthey might even be replacing textbooks for a wide majority of schools in due time.

Thats why schools and universities alike have amplified their demands for various charging stations. Having these stations readily available helps students, school staff and visitors make the most out of their time and productivity level, while keeping their electronic devices secure. The following are some things you should look into before purchasing your charging carts.

Why Size Counts

A charging station should be large enough to accommodate varying laptop sizes. If a school distributes laptops of the same size and of a specific number to its students, its easier to decipher the necessary size for the charging cart. For charging e-readers and smaller devices, you can opt for a smaller station.

If a schools size is growing, a larger cart can be selected to fit new electronic devices, in addition to those that are already accounted for. There should be enough power outlets for each device, and the station should have a large maximum weight capacity.

At School Outlet, you can find charging carts of different sizes and capacities, fitting from 12 to 42 Chromebooks or iPads and other tablets, with weight capacities of 75 to 115 pounds. Some of our charging carts have extra space for placing accessories and equipment, too.

The Need for Flexibility and Ventilation

You might want to use your charging stations in more than one location, which means youll want to look at stations that come with casters and wheels to glide around. This is especially practical for school environments in which electronic devices are shared among different classrooms.

At School Outlet, you can find various quality mobile models that can be moved from point A to B easily and silently so as to prevent classroom disruptions. Youll also find carts with an array of ventilation designs.

Along with having the ability to move a station around, it should also come with a practical access door and hole patterns that will allow for air circulation. Since laptops and tablets tend to heat up quite often, having open ports to allow the generated heat to flow through is an absolute must for extending a devices lifespan.

A Secure Composition

Lastly, the charging carts youre looking at should come with a lock or any other secure closure to keep all of the held devices protected. You should look for a metal charging station (preferably steel or aluminum) to ensure robustness and resilience.

Several people use charging stations. So its important to look for a durable build with a protective layer that can take the form of lamination, which can also enhance its aesthetics.

At School Outlet, youll find a range of charging carts that are made up of a sturdy composition with security features and all of the necessary aforementioned qualities. For more information about our diverse products, contact School Outlet today and well be glad to assist you in finding a charging station thatll meet your needs.