The Top 5 Ways to Get your Classroom Ready Over the Summer

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The Top 5 Ways to Get your Classroom Ready Over the Summer

Teachers and students everywhere are no doubt eagerly anticipating the end of the school year and the arrival of summer. As we count down these final few days, it's probably safe to assume that preparing for next school year is far from any teacher's mind. Of course, the reality is that most teachers will have to spend some time over the summer preparing their classrooms for the upcoming year. To make the most out of the time you'll spend away from the pool this summer as you gear up for fresh faces in the fall, consider our top 5 ways to get your classroom in tip-top shape quickly and efficiently!

1.) Assess What Worked

Before you begin the process of preparing your classroom, take time to consider which aspects of your classroom layout and furniture worked well this year, and which could be improved upon. Did it make sense to have the reading nook next to your desk? Did students stay on task when working in groups at tables? Was there a learning center you noticed in another teacher's classroom that you'd like to incorporate into yours this year? In what other ways could you provide enrichment opportunities in your classroom? Only when these questions are answered can you begin the process of taking inventory, planning a layout, and ordering new school furniture and supplies.

2.) Clear out the Clutter

Even after kids have cleared out and taken their belongings with them, there's likely a host of items stored in your classroom that can still be considered "clutter." Make room for the new items you'll introduce into the room, whether they're to be
new activity tables or stackable chairs, by going through storage closets or assessing which books or learning materials have passed their prime. Conducting this housekeeping each summer will ensure that your classroom never becomes too disorganized. This is also a good time to note which student desks and chairs are in poor condition and need to be replaced.

3.) Leverage Furniture for Learning

Let your furniture enhance your classroom environment by incorporating new pieces that address key focus areas like technology, movement, and reading. Summer is the ideal time to explore new options for classroom furniture that could help your students learn better in the coming year. Consider new activity tables for kids for a new science-based "exploration" section of the classroom, or investigate opportunities for new technology stations.

4.) Plan a Layout

Once you've identified goals for the upcoming year and have received new furniture and supplies, it's time to plan a layout. While you've likely already developed a preference for a specific layout of student seating based on your teaching philosophy, evaluate how an overall classroom layout facilitates movement in the room. How will placing a computer desk along the right wall affect the flow of traffic in the classroom? Can all students get to their desks easily? Do all students have a clear view of the dry erase board, or wherever it is you typically give instruction in the classroom?

5.) Don't Forget the Visual Aids

Summer is the perfect time to brainstorm new ideas for the ever-important visual aids that adorn the walls of your classroom. Though you may still be proud of the adjectives poster you made six school years ago, challenge yourself each summer to think of new, more creative visual aids that could better benefit your students' learning. In addition to permanent posters and bulletin boards, consider too what types of new visual aids you could use during various lessons.

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