The Ultimate Classroom Activity Table Buying Guide

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If you take a look at the Activity Tables tab on School Outlets website, then you may notice the many table shapes our store carries.

You probably know most of the table shapes: circle, square, half round, kidney, etc. But, you might be wondering what in the world the flower-shaped activity table is for. Well, well tell you.

The bottom line is this: School Outlet has activity tables for every purpose. Here is your Activity Table Buying Guide

Step One: Determine Which Table You Want

Looking at the options of activity tables on School Outlets website, you might not know which table is the best pick for you. But, keep in mind, every table serves a purpose, and whatever your need is for an activity table or several, there is a table that is the best option for you.

The first thing you should do is identify your need for an activity table. For example, if you need a table that is ideal for demonstrating activities or homework examples to students, then a kidney-shaped table might be the best table option for you. If you are looking for tables that are perfect for student collaboration in the classroom, then many of our table shapes are great choices.

Once you figure out what your purpose is and which table shape would probably work best for your purposes, you can choose the shape you want.

Step Two: Customize Your Table

You can filter the table options on School Outlets website by shape by clicking on the specific table shape you want. So, if you know you want a circle-shaped activity table, then click on Circle on the Activity Tables page and only circle-shaped table options will appear. Then, you can filter the tables by price, table height, table width, table length, seating capacity, and brand.

If youre not sure about the brand or capacity you want, then just scroll down the page and look at School Outlets entire selection.

Many of the tables supplied by School Outlet are available in various table heights and table widths. Tables can be raised and lowered to the most comfortable height for the students in your classroom. Bigger tables can accommodate more people and provide more workspace for students.

A majority of activity tables supplied by School Outlet are available in multiple colors and laminate tops. So, if you have a color theme in your classroom or school, then you can match your activity tables to the colors of the chairs in your classroom or the paint on the walls. Or you can just choose the color you like best or whichever color is least expensive.

Contact School Outlet For Further Guidance and Place Your Order Today

Reach out to School Outlet today if you have additional questions regarding school activity tables. And for those of you who are unsure of what the purpose of a flower-shaped activity table is, its just a clever take on activity tables meant for group projects and activities, and its great for computers too.

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