Top 3 Nursery Cribs for Daycare and Childcare Centers

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Are you on the lookout for the perfect crib for a daycare or nursery location? If so, then look no further. School Outlet is your go-to spot for every style and variation of crib. Our selection includes fixed side cribs, drop gate cribs, portable compact cribs, and play yards. Customers can choose from an assortment of stylish wooden cribs, conventional steel frame cribs, and more. School Outlets virtual school furniture store also carries mattresses, bumpers, drawers, and other crib accessories.

Here are a few of School Outlets top cribs for daycare locations and childcare centers:

    1.L.A. Baby Original Holiday Folding Crib

      Transportable and foldable, L.A. Babys Original Holiday Folding Crib is a great crib option for any location in need of an easy-to-move and easy-to-store crib. This crib was designed specifically for commercial use. It features 4 heavy-duty swivel casters so it can be moved quickly and easily. 2 of the wheels lock too, so its simple to secure the crib into place.

      L.A. Babys Original Holiday Folding Crib is inexpensive, yet durable and made from high quality materials. School Outlet offers customers a range of fixed side cribs manufactured by L.A. Baby. For example, our selection includes wooden L.A. Baby cribs, in addition to metal. Check out School Outlets assortment of L.A. Baby fixed side cribs today on our website.

        2.L.A. Baby Commercial Play Yard

          Play yards are practically a necessity for every daycare or nursery location. Thats why School Outlet offers customers a range of play yards manufactured by one of our favorite manufacturers: L.A. Baby!

          School Outlet carries a few different play yard options. For example, L.A. Babys Commercial Play Yard is 100% polyester and features a blue vinyl cover. The play yard has 4 full-view mesh windows, which makes it easy to keep a close eye on whoever is in the structure. School Outlet offers this same play yard in green as well.

            3.Wooden Cribs Manufactured by Various Brand Names

              If the daycare or nursery location you are shopping for is in need of a classier-looking crib, then you should know that School Outlet supplies a large selection of wooden framed cribs in a variety of styles. For example, School Outlet carries Foundations SafetyCraft Crib, which is a crib that features a low profile for easy accessibility. The frame is made of hardwood and a vinyl-covered high-density foam mattress is included with the purchase of the crib.

              Be sure to check out School Outlets entire selection of cribs so you can find exactly what youre searching for.

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