Top 3 Selling Daycare Cots for Preschool Classrooms

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Top 3 Selling Daycare Cots for Preschool Classrooms

There are many details you have to be ready to account for when youre planning out a daycare environment. One of the most important parts of the day to plan for is naptime. Nap time is when the kids recharge their batteries to prevent cranky behavior which is crucial for both the health of the children and the sanity of the teachers as well. In order to provide a safe, sanitary, comfortable and relaxing nap time, you need high-quality cots. However, lets be realistic. School budgets are slim and you need economical options. Thats why School Outlet offers you high quality, top-selling daycare cots in a range of styles and price options. Lets take a look at some popular models.

1.Standard Daycare Cot for Naptime: Blue Fabric - Mahar Cot

It is really easy to store this lightweight cot when naptime is over and its time to get back to other activities. The fabric, a calming soothing blue, is made of Texron, which is designed to be non-sag, highly durable, and in compliance with California Fire Code. The frame and cover are covered by a warranty for the next ten years, and the legs (which are available in ten colors) are guaranteed for life.

2.Mobile, Easy-to-Store Daycare Cots: Mahar Dolly Cot

Keep kids clean and comfortable during naptime with this stylish, convenient and easy to store cots from School Outlet. These are narrow enough to fit through most doorways which makes them really useful when you are reconfiguring classrooms, or accommodating for a new layout.

3. Colorful Options to Brighten Your Daycare Center: Mahar Multi-Colored Cot Standard Replacement Covers

This bright, striped, multi-colored replacement fabric for daycare cots makes a fun, bright replacement for any daycare center of any kind.
This piece fits with 5800, 5825 Series Cots, and the fabric is in compliance with California Fire Code. Replacing the fabric on your cot frames is an important part of staying healthy.

When you are shopping for cots for naptime at daycare, you really dont want to settle for used, uncomfortable, threadbare options. Your best bet is to get in touch with a supplier who will help you get fire safe, sensible and sanitary options.

How to Learn More About Getting Top-Quality Daycare Cots for Your Facility

If you are curious about how to get top-quality daycare cots for your preschool classroom or daycare facility, get in touch with School Outlet for more information. We have supplied preschool and daycare centers with materials ranging from cots to activity tables, climbing gyms and so much more. We are used to offering advice about quantities, longevity of furniture and much more. Beyond that, we have helped education professionals who need to stock high schools, colleges, and middle school with chairs, tables, desks, projectors and much more. We can be reached by telephone at (877) 398-6449. You can also contact us online, where you can view pictures, prices and applications for a wide range of classrooms supplies.